Grace In Color Facebook Live Event Tomorrow

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Participate in tomorrow’s Facebook Live event with Grace In Color

Happy Monday, all! I hope your time in Ruth is proving to be a blessing rather than a curse as you learn and practice the inductive study method of Bible study.

Something you may be interested in, if you are a visual learner, especially, is an opportunity to tune in to Grace In Color’s Facebook Live event tomorrow from 1:00-1:30 PM (EST). It will be recorded, so you can certainly watch it later at your convenience if you cannot attend while we are LIVE and taking questions.

In the time with my friend Jennifer Evangelista, I’ll have the opportunity to show you a more creative way to do Bible study using the inductive study method that you may like and prefer, or at least you’ll get some tips for doing so.

I hope you’ll tune in, but in the meantime, enjoy reading Ruth to the glory of God.



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