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Struggling on the dance floor?  Submit to the graceful leading of God.

She swayed with her eyes closed as the music of a new hymn played in the background.  Overcome by God’s goodness towards her as the melody played she rehearsed in her mind the memory of Him bringing her through so much hurt and pain.  More than normal.  More than seemed “fair” at times.

In the mental waltz she could see her spirit take flight in the 1-2-3 1-2-3 1-2-3 of partnered feet in sync with a sacred rhythm.

All was well in the world of her mind and in her spirit as the cares and worries of the past melted away and she was swept away in the fulness of just how big her God is in even the smallest particle of a pain and suffering.

He 2-3
is 2-3
in 2-3
the 2-3
de 2-3
tails 2-3.

Imagining herself in a gown and shoes she glided through the knowledge of Him leading with His right hand nudging her lower back and the other carrying her forward.

She willingly submitted to His lead for it was in His leading that she became most graceful.

He 2-3
is 2-3
in 2-3
con 2-3
trol 2-3.

“Lord, may this dance of perfect grace never end!,” she exclaimed as the two moved as one around the room.

“Don’t worry.  We have many more dances and I’ll lead you around the floor in a perfect and graceful pattern.”  Such was His assurance to her as she awakened to the reality of living the hard life by waltzing in His grace submitting to His lead.

Such 2-3
is 2-3
grace 2-3.

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  1. Love23

    • You 2-3
      were 2-3
      quick 2-3. May have to change to a cha-cha beat! : )

  2. I love this! As a fellow ballroom dancer and instructor, I can appreciate this post wholly.

    Thank you for this! It made my day!

    • Thank you Michael! I love ballroom dancing. When I was in college I chose that as one of my PE credits while my husband (then fiance) took it for his PE at a different university…we would practice on the weekends. We’ve lost most of what we learned…sticking to a safe and predictable Fox Trot.

      I just think dancing like this is a beautiful expression of leading and following. It’s fun, too!

      I’m glad it made your day today.

  3. Great entry. What a great blessing it is to our spirit when we learn and accept that He is in control no matter what we are facing, or have faced, and that when we allow Him to lead, it leads to peace for us.

    • The waltzing continues as you join the floor in perfect rhythm to the Master’s lead. So happy you “get it” in your spirit, too! Thank you for stopping by to read and comment.

  4. This is beautifully inspiring! Loved my visit from the 5MF!

    • Thank you Barbie! It was one of those times that the writing flowed so easily from my spirit. I’m glad you stopped by!

  5. Love this 5 minute post! So thankful for His grace.

    • His grace is soo good! Thanks for stopping by to read today.

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