Growing Up is Hard to Watch

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As I type this post (starting Tuesday afternoon), Robert is filling out an insurance form online.  He’s progressing towards independent living.  Right now, I think he’s appreciating the insurance policy he’s had through his dad’s benefits package all his life.  Who knew filling out a form could be so tedious.  Welcome to the world.

He just commented that it’s hard being an adult.  Yeah, I know.  I’m still learning.  (Smile.)

Forty-five miles away, David has had his first solo experience going to the university infirmary to see a doctor and get x-rays.  He rolled his ankle playing basketball and has a sprain and some stretched ligaments.  A visit from us and a trip to dinner and WalMart for essentials should comfort him.  I’m thankful he’s close by.

When I was their age, life seemed to move so slowly as I yearned for independence.  College was a good adjustment period although I didn’t really know what the life of being an adult was like until I sat through my first staff meeting as a young, newly married, first-year  home ec teacher at Rothschild Middle School.  All of a sudden, being a child with no responsibilities other than good manners, homework, and chores sounded really good.

Now, life moves at such a rapid pace.  It’s difficult to keep up with all the things to do that stretch me and my time from one end of the day to the other.  Life is a blur most of the time these days.

(Now it’s Wednesday afternoon as I continue this post.  I told you I was busy.)

I watched a college girl eat her dinner with friends last night.  She had no clue I was watching.  She was poised while sipping her beverage through a straw and talking with her friends about internship possibilities.  She was wearing a cute pair of shorts and a t-shirt.  Ah, to be so carefree!  The guys had on baseball caps and flip-flops.  Their talk was clean and much hope filled their voices.  Yet, while they talked and listened to one another in their casual clothes discuss matters of their upcoming lives where business casual would take over their closets, I could see them as little kindergarteners having their milk and cookies before nap time, playing a game of make-believe.  I almost felt like I was their mom wanting them to enjoy their last bit of the easy life before all the real stuff would be part of their lives.

Then, too, I thought about the times I have taken for granted my todays, even now, waiting for a fresh new tomorrow to come.

Today, I saw a friend who has just had her first baby, a boy.  He had fallen asleep in the car.  She needed to go into the store to check on something and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to “babysit” car-side while she went in.  He was so tiny.  He has so much to look forward to along with his parents who will be with him through all the fun times and long nights.  They are in the throes of life changing from slow-paced to whirlwind.

I hope they enjoy each moment.  One day, that young mom will be sitting next to her man-child while he fills out his first insurance forms he has to actually pay for and she’ll be a bit sad over how the time has flown.

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