H is for Homemaking

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PreviewI went to college to learn how to be one so I could teach others how to be one. I prefer being one above teaching others how. What can I say? Eighth graders scared me back in the day. Then I had children and when they became eighth graders I realized how awesome the critters really are.

Long before that, though, I realized I liked things of home, and homemaking was numero uno on the top of my “I hope I get to do this when I grow up” list.

And I did. And I do. Preparing for this move has interrupted my typical fall renewal of homemaking, and has totally ramped it up to extreme homemaking as we have cleaned out, cleaned out what was left, and found more to clean out from that.

So, I find it humorous that our move should coincide with something that happens to me every fall. It is in the fall that I recommit my heart to things of hearth and home. I reassess my skills and recommit to making our house a welcoming home. This usually involves some decluttering, more thorough cleaning, and a glazing of my eyes as the first holiday commercial is unveiled way too soon. Eeek!

Unlike other times we’ve moved, I’ve had a plan in place for fabric for bedroom draperies and bedding options to fit with wall colors (unless we painted to match the bedding). That’s not the case this time.

My homemaking in this house will be different as I evaluate how to make a home based on each day. At first, I’ll be evaluating the light as it comes in during the day. That will determine colors for walls, rugs, and draperies. I’ll be assessing where things need to be tucked away for most convenient access as they are needed. I’m also going to be determining if we really will need a few things I managed to convince myself we should move on over.

I could and have been stressed with this new way of homemaking rather than showing up and having everything in place as I’ve prepared beforehand.

My soul wants to push me to frustration and anxiety. My spirit says to be happy as we settle in bit by bit to life as the folks who live,31daysmoving day after day, on the hill.

My prayer? God, You are my Hope as I realize I need not approach homemaking with the attitude of, “This is the way I’ve always done it,” only to grow frustrated with myself for not measuring up to my unrealistic expectations. It’s time for a new normal for us, for me, especially. Help me to just enjoy each day and to make a home that sets the family thermostat on peace and grace for all who enter in. Welcome to our home, Lord. Thanks for giving it to us. Amen.


  1. After more moves than I’m willing to admit, I have found that the house knows how to place furniture and tuck in storage — and it will tell me over the course of the first year of my sharing its space. Enjoy your new home!!!.

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Aunt MJ. Already, this house is absorbing more than I thought it would and has also allowed me to let go of some unnecessary things.

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