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my hands(Disclaimer-This post mentions a book that if you should order through my link, I’ll receive a small compensation.)

My hands. I looked at them the other day as I was reading and wondered how the skin that used to be tight had gotten a little loose, a little thin and thus, more like the older women I remember. When did someone replace the smooth epidermis of my hands with that of a small alligator?

Flashback to my grandmother’s hands and my memory is of her arthritic fingers shelling butter beans, teaching me to needlepoint, and pointing out something straight ahead, yet her slightly bent fingers didn’t quite hit the target if they’d had a laser beam aiming at their goal.

I remember thinking I’d never let my hands look old.

How foolish my young girl thoughts were…as if I could have some powerful control over thinning skin, age spots, permanent creases (aka “wrinkles”), arthritic fingers, and alligator flesh. Lesson learned.

My hands, although not in pain or gnarled, have the wrinkled knuckles now, scars from kitchen cuts and pin scars from a set broken wrist. My hands have learned to cradle babies, change diapers, prepare meals, clean up vomit, scrub the tub, raise up in worship, fold in when pained, hug others, arrange flowers, scroll and click on screens and keyboards, type and pen words, and scan the Word. Sometimes my nails are long and painted, and other times like today, they are picked from nervous stress habit.

I wish I had a photo like the ones I’ve seen on Pinterest of generations of girl hands piled on one another. Mine with my mother’s and grandmother.

Recently, I began reading along with the (in)Courage Bloom summer reading group and we are reading Jean Fleming’s, Pursue the Intentional Life. Thus far, her writing has moved me as I’ve reflected on where I’ve come from and where I’m heading. How long will these hands be busy in this world? I’m not sure, but I know they won’t stay as young as they are today and the odds are they’ll develop bends and spots and more wrinkles.

I hope my hands will be doing the things of a seasoned woman who loves the Lord and desires to live each moment intentionally for Him.

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