Happy Belated Birthday Blog!

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“My heart overflows with a pleasing theme; I address my verses to the king; my tongue is like the pen of a ready scribe.”
Psalm 45:1 (ESV)

Hold on to your quills! Today’s post is NOT about parenting. I could tell you were fizzling out…no comments to post. : )

I realized a couple of weeks ago that this blog is now officially one year old! I can’t believe it!

Thanks for showing up to read it from time to time. I appreciate your feedback!

Other than being married, becoming a mom, and being in a Bible study (as a student or a teacher), I think this is the next longest commitment to which I’ve stuck. LOL! I plan to keep it up for as long as God lets me. I hope He is pleased with it and that you are blessed through it.

At times I have been challenged to write anything. My words were far from being ready. At other times, I was too wordy. Of course, Beans, our dachshund, had to get her thoughts penned. She always got the most feedback. I never understood why…

Then my focus shifted after a quiet time one morning and I read Psalm 45. The first verse (see the top of today’s post) spoke to me in a BIG BLOGGING way! I love this Psalm, but this verse so resonated with the Spirit within me and I could sense the Spirit communicating to be more of a wise steward with the blog.

At the conclusion of my first post, I had dedicated the blog to God and vowed to use it for His glory to encourage women to dig deep into the Word (I’m passionate about doing away with biblical illiteracy in the Church). I realized that numerous times I had posted trivial things. A bit here and there is fine, but to major on the minors was not what I felt God was desiring for this blog. So, Beans quietly went back to being a normal dog and I tried to be more consistent to post things that would bring His Word to life in our everyday lives.

I pray that I’ll keep my mind engaged in the Bible so I have the pen of a ready scribe to put on “paper” the thoughts in my head in a way that is pleasing to my King.

In honor of its birthday, I’m going to rest from the blog. I’ll be back Tuesday, September 8!

SDG (Soli Deo Gloria)!


  1. Amy, I have enjoyed and been blessed by each entry that I have read. What you dub as “trivial” isn’t to me, and I feel that other blog readers would agree. They are true-to-life, everyday experiences of a mother, wife, and Child of God…experiences that are common as we travel through life on this earth. They are especially good, even therapeutic, at helping us relate to God, His Word, His love, along this journey….a kind of where the rubber hits the road experience. So, as Kay would say, “Hangest thou in there.” God is using through this facet of your ministry and I am thankful for how He has blessed me through you. Have a happy blog-free birthday week!

  2. Happy Anniversay!! You have done well. Although I may not comment every day I ALWAYS look forward to reading the blog and miss it a lot when you are a way: )Love you and can’t wait till Thursday. Enjoy a little time off.

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