Happy Birthday Louann!

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Today is an important date, September 11. In the last seven years it has meant something different than being just another day in America.

For me, it has always held meaning. It is my sister’s birthday! Let me go ahead and say that I am three years younger. I am the baby in the family and like all the youngest, I want you all to know that! Below is a picture of the two of us from one Christmas morning a long time ago. Our matching nightgowns were gifts from our parents the night before. I am not sure what she received that I find so interesting (maybe piano music or some other type of book) but nonetheless, I was interested in her gift and she was enthusiastic about it from the expression on her face.

So, I dedicate the blog to her today. She is the big sister every little sister should have. We shared a room and a closet. In order to not have to endure our parents’ frustration over my lack of keeping my side neat, Louann would try to convince me to pick things up. I didn’t like to listen and so I would continue to shove dirty and clean clothes under the bed or stuff them in the closet. What in the world possesses children to think that is a better way than hanging the unworn clothes up or walking the dirty ones to the dirty clothes hamper? It’s funny, not really, but I am getting paid back now for all that unnecessary laundry. But that’s another story for another day…and it defames the character of one of my own!

We had many jaunts around the yard when we were little as we would load up our red wagon with our Madame Alexander dolls, diapers, changes of clothes, bottles, bibs, you get the picture.
We would play dress up although I think I liked that more than she did. She sensibly realized it would create more laundry. I was all about me when it came to dress up.
We had our good times and some stinky ones, too. You know the kind. Mother and Daddy would be away. I would be frustrated with her because she wouldn’t do my bidding and so a “fight” would ensue. Our fights were the kind where you grab the other’s hand and start running around each other to hit the other one. It never worked. We looked stupid running in a circle in the kitchen with arms stretched holding onto the other.

My sister’s Bible was something I coveted. She decorated it inside with color pencil drawings and verses marked in color. That makes sense why I like Precept’s method. (A light bulb has just gone off over my head.) Her love for Jesus spoke to me and as I eavesdropped over a conversation our brother was having with her about salvation, I knew that I wanted salvation through Jesus, too. See, typical baby sister being nosy! Back to her Bible…I would borrow it when she wasn’t home so I could copy her drawings and circled verses into mine.

Yes, I borrowed her clothes without asking.

Yes, I would deliberately bother her and her date while they would be on the couch talking or watching tv.

Yes, I was jealous when she could go to church youth stuff but I couldn’t because I was too young.

Yes, we would play piano duets and get so tickled we would almost fall off the piano bench.

We had our own words for stuff and to this day have the same nickname for each other. I won’t tell you what it is because you might not say it right.

She would help me with school work, like algebra and chemistry. I got the algebra. The chemistry I did not. Still don’t.
About ten years ago she was going through a rough time and so I went to see her. We got this idea that we ought to go to the mall and pose for Glamour Shots. Mind you, this is not like either one of us, but we needed a diversion and those people were glad to have our business. You know how I am about my lipstick! Well, my one request was that the makeup chick not do my lips wrong, translated, outside the lines. She didn’t so I had to wipe off half of my upper lip. If I could get the picture to post at this spot, I would share it with you, but it won’t go here. Oh well. We looked GOOD and glamorous!
So, Louann, you are precious to me and I thank you for loving me unconditionally. Thank you for helping me grow up! Thank you for pointing me to Christ. Not only are we sisters by our parents’ blood, but we are sisters through the blood of Christ! You are a blessing!
I love you, Sister!

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  1. Well, I don’t really know what to say to such sweet words except that the feelings are mutual. I am blessed beyond understanding to have the sister I have! Often, I wish we lived closer. We love being together when we can. While we don’t play duets together these days, we do still giggle over things often. She is still my fashion police. She’s developed her Bible skills (drawing and otherwise). And, her house is immaculate. No more dirty clothes under the bed. Those of you who know her understand why she is loved. Give her a hug for me when you see her next!! Love you, Sister!

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