Happy New Year!

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I really like new things. Maybe that’s why I get so excited about Christmas and birthday presents. Back in the day when my mother made many of my clothes, I got excited about those new outfits. I like the smell of a new car and a new house, even a new book. A new, cute hairstyle is fun and even a new tube of lipstick with the original angle intact! A new calendar with nothing on the dates…how exciting the joy of the blankness that represents the unknown. Reading a new cookbook or trying a new, successful recipe…well, you can only imagine the joy! A new computer board for my oven….when, oh when? Who knew that could be exciting? Anticipation. Can’t you hear Carly Simon singing it in the background? Maybe that’s what’s really exciting about new things, the knowledge that something new is coming and we anticipate its arrival.

The other day I had a bit of free time and decided to look at the word “new” in my Bible software. Here are some of the ways in which it appears in Scripture:

  • new wine/wineskins
  • new king
  • new growth
  • new grain
  • new thing
  • new moon
  • new oil
  • new house
  • new wife
  • new gods
  • new rope
  • new cart
  • new song
  • new heavens and new earth
  • new covenant
  • new man
  • new heart
  • new spirit
  • new name
  • new garment
  • new commandment

In Revelation 21:5 it says, “And He who sits on the throne said, ‘Behold, I am making all things new.’ And He said, ‘Write, for these words are faithful and true.’ “

Jesus, the Alpha and Omega (beginning and end) is saying a sure thing! He is making all things new! Note to self! (I have said that out loud and it gets a “hoot” from Rob.)

Newness brings excitement.

It’s a new year. I hope you are excited! God has a plan for you in this new year. Are you anticipating what He has in store for you? Ultimately He has a kingdom purpose in mind and one day (maybe sooner than we think) He will reveal all things new! How exciting!

So, as this year opens my prayer is that we will experience the following:
new hope in God’s sovereignty, new challenges that serve to mature us and draw us closer to God, new faith in Christ for some who’ve never had any, new opportunities to minister to others and to let others minister to us, and new joy over the simplest things.

One other thing…if you’re in Hebrews, you have new homework to begin preparing for next week. Get busy! What are you doing reading this instead of your lesson?! LOL!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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  1. Happy New Year Amy…Our family got some good happy news last night…My sweet little neice is engaged…This bring much happiness into our family…We are all bouncing off the walls with excitment…We love him and are so glad he will be joining our family. And yes, I started my homework Tuesday and boy did it feel good to just sit down and learn God’s words. It brought some calm and peaceful feeling to me. Can’t wait to get back to class. See you soon. LA, Frannie

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