Hard Times Come. Dance.

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Dear Sigourney,

I’m back from vacation.  Sigh.  You know I love time away to rest, shop, read, try new recipes, and visit with your Aunt Louann.  We got your sweet note you left for us as we had our annual Sister Retreat.

We missed last year’s retreat due to my chemo schedule and my lack of confidence in going solo driving that distance.  I was too tired to attempt it.  It was a hard time.

In looking back through some of the pictures of your wedding rehearsal, my favorite is of you and Robert dancing down the aisle during your recessional.  What a happy evening that was as it marked the days of preparation coming to an end and the beginning of your life together.  We were all so excited for you two!

Your big day has come and gone.  You’ve been married more than a month; it’s been almost two months now.  You two have already had your share of some hard times. 

Between some health stuff for you and last week’s robbery of your apartment, you have gone through some things that many veteran married couples never face.  Yet, here you two are facing it together.

A few months ago, Robert shared a song with me and I made sure it was on the iPod for the rehearsal dinner music.  It’s Andrew Peterson’s “Dancing in the Minefields”.  I know it spoke to Robert about how his dad and I have managed through some crises this past year; first the cancer, then Rob’s job loss.  It made me cry at the kitchen counter when I heard it.  Sometimes, the heaviness of what we’ve been through hits me later when things are better.

Well, now I give back this song to you and Robert.  Just as you danced on that happy eve, hold your head up and your hand in Robert’s as you go dancing through your own minefields…together.

I love you,

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  1. Pass the tissues, please!

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