Have a Ball With the Gospel While in Belize

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To the left and in the center of the picture is our youngest son, David.  He’s somewhere in Belize on a mission trip.  It gives this mom great comfort to know that he is more than okay.  How do I know?  He has within his possession a ball.  Granted, he did not pack one (that I know of).  As long as I’ve been blessed to know this child (19 years in early August), he’s had a knack with a ball (football, baseball, soccer ball, golf ball, tennis ball, volley ball, bouncy ball, etc.).

Although it looks as if he may have taken this particular ball from some Belizean children, I have no doubt that he’s following some rules of the game and they are just waiting their turn to capture the ball and show their skills to my child.  It’s probably break time during vacation Bible school.

No matter the particulars of the picture that I have not a clue about (yet), I can rest assured that my child and his friend to the left are making sure to share the Gospel with children even while playing soccer (futbol).

I am a bit perturbed I didn’t post his whereabouts way sooner so you could be praying for him and the others on the week-long mission trip this week.  They’ll all return around midnight Saturday.

In the meantime, I ask you two things:
1.  Would you mind praying for the group and those they minister to, for the Gospel to come alive and the One of the Good News to be real in all their lives (missionaries and the ones to whom they minister).

2.  Do you “have a ball” when it comes to sharing the Good News with others?  I hope so.

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  1. That is awesome. I will surely pray!! Afraid I need to work on the having a ball sharing the gospel. Need to learn to step outside my shy box and just do it: )

    So, sorry I missed you. Wonderful to hear your were baking.

    One thing I forgot to tell you on my message. Dr. appt. has been moved to the 26th.

    Love you,
    Take Care,

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