Having a “Mary” Christmas

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Christmas cactus ready to erupt with flowers!

You have stopped by today amidst the Christmas countdown and the completing of to-do lists.  Thank you.

Take this minute to tour my home with me.  Use your eyes, ears, and nose.

In our home it has looked like Christmas for a couple of weeks.  Fresh greenery is tucked in amidst the faux.  The tree is surrounded by packages so that we no longer water it.

The sounds of Christmas are hovering in our home.  Michael W. Smith’s album is playing now.  His orchestrations and lyrics are so well done.  I picture a grand entry into our bleak world through the prophesied Messiah’s arrival.  All is well.

Secrets regarding presents to come have been kept even to the extent of having to fib to prevent recipients from being home when the scheduled delivery was to occur.  At Christmas, delivery days and times are usually accurate.

I think in instances like that, “Why can’t it be Christmas all year long?”  Where expectations are met?  Where promises are kept?

{Come, Thou long expected Jesus.
Our hopes are met in Thee.}

The fragrance of Christmas smells wafts through the house this morning as chicken is stewing and sweet potatoes are baking.  Today’s schedule is filled with kitchen time.  Like a stealth kitchen warrior, I spent yesterday evening writing out my strategy for completing my tenure in the kitchen with utmost organization and time management so I won’t be in there all day.  I could be a Martha if I’m not careful.

{Lord, tell Mary to come help!}

By planning a little bit, I am able to have a “Mary” Christmas this morning, sitting at His feet, praising Him for His timely gift.  Hence, my sitting still (Beans at my side) typing today’s post with Michael singing, relishing in God’s precious gift.

This gift who:
  • saved me from myself and my sin
  • loves me when I feel so unlovely
  • ministers to me with gentleness and compassion
  • laughs at my jokes and who created my sense of humor
  • is present with me
  • will never leave me
  • healed me
  • will greet me in eternity
  • is coming again and maybe before I meet Him in eternity.
May I be found then as I am right now:
at peace
thinking of Him.

Have a “Mary” Christmas today at His feet.

Read that last sentence.  Take me up on the request.
Opportunity for Response:
What has been your favorite Christmas music, cd, artist this season?

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  1. A couple of my favorites – Amy Grant, a Christmas Album & Mary’s Song (Breathe of Heaven). Anything by MWS. Bing Crosby. A new song this year by Francessca batiselli – You’re Here. Check it out on iTunes, it is about Mary and so sweet. Katherine

  2. Hey Katherine,

    I’m going to check out that new song you recommended!

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