He Will Go Out on a Limb for You

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Dear Sigourney,

As I type this on Sunday, your father-in-law is outside on a ladder with a small gas-powered saw cutting limbs from one of our favorite trees.  Its branches have bent too far to the right and we think the tree is in trouble because of it.  So, he’s going to top it out and we will hope it thrives.

I contacted a professional who gave me advice.  I passed the advice on to Rob.  He is now taking the advice to heart and matters into his own hands.

The combination of all the parts of this latest adventure in the yard make me a bit nervous.  So, I decided to take a picture of him as he’s about his work.  I did get his permission.  He did ask me to hold the ladder for him after I took the picture.  At that point, a necessary part of the equipment came off and we could not find the part that holds the blade in place.  He has ventured to our nearest home improvement store to secure a replacement part, and I’m quickly typing this during his absence.

He’s already back and I will be going out to hold that ladder for him as if I could keep him from falling off, but I will feel better supporting him in his endeavor out on a limb.

This has caused me to think of the times Rob has been willing to go out on a limb in other ways for me:   to defend me, support me, encourage me, and say sweet things about me when I was right by his side or nowhere nearby depending upon the situation.

There have also been times when he went out on a limb to have a heart-to-heart talk with me when he probably would have preferred to just not address a sin issue that was rearing its ugly head in me.  He could have ignored it, but I needed the correction or advice.

He has been on a limb to apologize to me.

He was willing to go out on a limb and ask me to marry him and he promised to walk with me through the rest of my life not knowing what the future held, and we have had some difficult “future” that is now in the blessed past.  : )

So, that brings me back to you and Robert.  He’s gone out on a limb to love you in sickness, health, poverty, and wealth for the rest of your life.

Somewhere along the way, he’ll go out on a limb again and risk his pride or yours for your betterment as the two of you.  I know you’ll be standing there supporting him on that ladder.

I love you,

P.S. – Those bending limbs have now been trimmed and we survived.

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  1. I just love this! What a great example to give your daughter in law!

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