Heading Off to Camp War Eagle

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Today greets me with the excitement of a college freshman embarking on their first stay-over at their chosen college.  Nothing sounds more delightful than loading up the two allotted bags (one of which is bedding and towels) and a backpack for two and a half days of attending orientation sessions to acquaint oneself with other incoming freshman, share a room with a stranger of the same age, walk around a college campus in a t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops, and meet with an assigned adviser to make your first semester’s class schedule.  Aaaaah! 

Okay, I admit, I was excited once about my college orientation experience.  Today, Rob and I pack our bags along with David to attend orientation at Auburn University from the parents’ perspective for us.  I don’t remember my parents doing this.  I think back then, the student came and there were no sessions for parents.  Mother dropped me off and came back to pick me up the day of my advising appointment (the day I committed to Vocational Home Economics Education).  That was such an exciting day, but I am a nerd who happens to get excited over stuff like confirmation of a major and class schedules, books, notebooks, and pens.

On my journey this time however, I have a feeling I will be looking for AC units and opting out of leisurely strolls with my boyfriend/husband while trekking from one parent session to the next.  I’m already wondering if I can hitch a ride on a golf cart (will they have those available?).  I’ve looked at the schedule and I am glad it’s got an earlier bedtime than the students’ schedule.  I’m glad, too, that I know my roommate this time.  I married him.  My roommate at my own Auburn student orientation was someone I only saw briefly and would not have recognized if we had run into each other the first day of class.

In keeping with the attitude of gratitude, I am thankful that I feel up to going, that Auburn is a short drive away (even if we have to pay out of state tuition…donations welcome!), that David’s desire of his heart to go to Auburn came to pass, and that I can participate in this with him! I am thankful, too, to revisit some sights on that campus like where Rob proposed.  Sweet!

It’s hard to believe that a year ago we were pulling out of the driveway to take David on a tour of several college campuses (Berry, Shorter, Samford, Auburn).  Who knew that a year later we’d go back to his # 1 pick for orientation?!

(Note to self:  be sure to pack the deo for the B.O., bottles of water, lemonade packets, green tea, kleenex, hats, Delilah, cool clothes, positive attitude, patience, Bible, laptop, hand sanitizer, sunscreen…)

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