Hearing About REM Sleep While Trying to Sleep

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During my couch time last Thursday, I was engaged in fitful sleep on the sofa that evening.  David, who is a student in neurological anatomy this semester, was explaining thoroughly to Rob in the next chair, why I should not be sleeping so much during the day/early evening.  His reason being that it would keep me from sleeping well that night and also was going to ultimately, make my body more tired because I would not get to REM sleep when the mind dreams and your body is in its deepest sleep state, a good thing.

He even said, “She’s probably not asleep deeply enough right now with the tv on, lights on, and us talking.”  I wanted to interject an, “Amen!,” coupled with a dirty look, but I was enjoying hearing this conversation.

Eventually the conversation ended and I went in and out of rest and waking before finally announcing I was officially going to bed in my own bed.  Good night, all!  I know they were glad the germy dragon draped in her cheetah Slanket had left the room.  I bet they fumigated it when I exited.  They probably should have.

I was a bit worried that David’s notes from class spoken next to me earlier would be my doom that night since I had slept all day.  So, as I lay my head down on the pillow, I prayed that God would let me sleep deeply enough to dream.

I couldn’t remember any dreams of late.  I guess that doesn’t mean I wasn’t in deep sleep mode, but that I just couldn’t remember the dreams.  I was worried nonetheless, so I asked God to give me a doozy of a dream that I could remember.

He did, but on Saturday (Friday night-Saturday morning).  I won’t bore you with the details here.  Just suffice it to say that it was spectacular, hysterical in what it revealed about my habits/worries/idiosyncrasies, and very detailed.  Rob thought so.  That is all the confirmation I need on the retelling.

Why this personal story today?  It reminds me that God does answer prayer, He cares about my sleep, and it prompts me to remember Psalm 4 from the day before.

How do you see God as the Provider even in the simple answers to your simple prayers?

(I’d like to share with you a HUGE answer to a prayer God laid on my heart during the Hebrews study a year ago.  David found out this week that he was accepted into Auburn University in the fall!  That’s huge because I had felt hopeless for him getting in before he ever applied.  It’s just so hard to get into college these days!  During a dvd of Kay Arthur teaching and her example of her own David getting into the same university 20+ years ago, it was as if God said, “Amy, don’t give up.  Pray, girl!  Pray!”  I quit worrying, began praying specifically that he’d get accepted, and voila’, the rest is history.)


  1. That’s a good one…I enjoyed!


  2. Congratulations, David! I know you all are proud! Speaking of sleep, I just did a sleep study and yes, just as I thought when I do get in my deep sleep, I stop breathing, thus waking up and remembering all of my dreams! This study hopefully will be an answer to my prayers that I will wake up feeling rested! I never seem to feel that way! So, With the help of a CPAP machine, I hope to soon get restful sleep again! So, tell David I understand all that he was saying, cause I am one of those wanting to sleep early evening until bedtime!
    Love ya!

  3. Weird how they kept talking about sleeping, while you were trying to sleep.

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