Her Shoes

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Remember playing dress up as a child?  I used to love putting on my mother’s heels and clomping around the house in them.  I felt so grown up!

Sometimes, I think we suffer from not growing out of this habit.  As we go through life and into adulthood, although we aren’t clomping around in Mother’s shoes, we may find ourselves looking at our friends or women we admire and wishing for what they have.

We think things like:  After all, “her life” seems so much better than mine.  And, she seems so together.  Her hair always looks good and her outfits are cute, fashionable, and flattering.  Ugh.  Why can’t I have her life?  Why can’t I have her marriage, her kids, her job, her abilities, her Bible!?!?

Ever think those thoughts?

I have.

I know how much time I’ve wasted comparing myself to the ultimate woman; too much time has been wasted.  Ultimately, that ultimate woman is just a figment of my imagination and sometimes, she’s a tool of the devil to make me focus on me and my shortcomings rather than God and His wonder.

God has designed each of us with His purpose in mind.  He has given us unique gifts and abilities to use for Him in our lives as women at home and in the working world, single or married, with or without children, good cooks or bad, knowing the Bible well or recognizing how much more of Him we want to know in our heads AND hearts.

We need to be seeking His face about what He desires from us rather than looking at the faces of those we envy (their looks or lives) and move on into His plans for us.

It’s time to stop pretending and instead begin rejoicing in who we are in Christ.  Better yet, rejoice in Christ.  Seek His kingdom first…not those we dream up in wasted moments.


  1. I needed to hear this today. Thank you and more importantly God for sending this msg through you. It is a constant struggle of mine. Sometimes it becomes so overwhelming that it’s hard to remember it’s not about “me” or “her”. He is the sovereign and almighty One. He thinks I’m beautiful. I’m His creation. He doesn’t make junk.

    I love you sweet Aunt!

  2. That’s a good word, Sister! Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Oh I really needed to read this! thank you so much for your words!

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