Here Comes the Sun

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It’s just a bit too nippy to head out for my morning walk. I’m dressed in my gear, but will wait for the sun to come up and the temperature to rise to 50-ish. This time next week, the sun will have been up as we “fall behind” and gain one hour of sleep over the weekend.

By now in your Hebrews lesson you should realize what the focus is this week. Rest. You’ve got word studies associated with it along with cross-references. By Thursday after class discussion you’ll have a much better understanding.

I have a prayer request. Beginning November 5, I’m going to be going through one of Kay’s 40-minute studies on forgiveness with women from my church. We’ll end before Christmas. The prayer request is that you pray God would bring to this study those who need to be healed from unforgiveness on their part or unforgiveness that has been issued toward them. Pray that they maintain consistency to show up each week, that they bond as a group and that they get this inductive method. Pray for their leader, yours truly, to be gracious and exhibit mercy, to be real, and to encourage them.

In this situation, there was a need that kept waving its flag and I kept avoiding it thinking that someone else would step in and do the thing. Finally, between the conviction of the Holy Spirit and words from Rob’s mouth, I got it. This was one of those times where I saw the need and was being called to meet it. Duh!

When I prayed about the timing it was clearly a.s.a.p. So, two weeks after recognizing the call, we’ll begin. As for the material, again, God made that clear as well. Already the feedback from it has been confirmation of God’s desire for a foundational principle of Christian living to be visited in His Word. I know He’s going to do some things through this. His Word doesn’t fail.

In preparation, I have also been reading a book I picked up this summer by R.T. Kendall, Total Forgiveness. I found out about it while listening to him talk on Focus on the Family and was in awe as I walked and listened on my iPod that God would use this man to speak to me about a subject that is just plain difficult sometimes and often ignored, yet God had been walking me through in my own life in forgiving myself, of all things! Then I forgot I had the book tucked away on the bookshelf until yesterday.

I say all that because I believe God had been orchestrating this thing since the beginning of the summer not to mention allowing it to come to a head in my own life after 30 years of being saved! That was 30 years of intermittent unforgiveness going on in my own life.

I am in awe of what my God has done for me in this for it is miraculous. And I praise Him for what He has done! I look forward to watching Him work through this intimate study on Wednesday evenings.


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  1. Hi Amy,

    I so enjoy reading your blogs. I am up to date finally. Thanks so much for the recipes…especially with the holidays coming. I am looking forward to trying them.
    See you Thursday.

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