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I like to think Jesus is preparing this for me.

I tell my husband that my home is him. 

He’s my best friend.  He’s my better half.  He comes through the door each evening and I hear,

I’m hooooome!  (pause)  Does anybody care if I’m living or dead?!”
{And I stop what I’m doing to go to him 
welcome him here 
reassure him that I care.}

Home is also the place we settle in to live life in the joys and sorrows, day after day. 
{Like births, deaths, cancer,
good grades, game losses,
wins, college acceptances,
broken hearts, job losses,
pay cuts, lower interest rates, healthy herbs outside the window,
yummy recipes, and permanent spaghetti stains.} 

The bricks and mortar, wood and glass stuff of our abode have been marketed for sale and purchased in other places.  Yet, the laying down of our Isaac in this place was rejected in this current market.

I was relieved to get to keep our Isaac.

We can market our house.
We can’t market our home.

We can’t put a price tag on home in a husband and sons and daughter-in-love and dog.

It’s the place where I fulfill my calling as homemaker.  Some days are more dusty and messy than others.  The routine of home can sometimes become a rut-ine.  Yet in the rut there is comfort in the sameness.

It’s where we welcome extended family and friends, and the occasional stranger.

Ultimately, home is where we carry out our earthly life knowing that this is not where we’ll spend our eternity.

It’s temporary.  This home.

It’s the womb before our birth into our eternal home.


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  1. “We can market our house.We can’t market our home”. I just LOVED that line. We are preparing our home for sale right now. It is bittersweet. Great post! Hopping over from FMF link up 🙂

    • Praying God blesses your efforts to sell so your house can be a blessing to others and also that you won’t grow weary in the process. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. OH SO BEAUTIFUL! Yes! This! LOVE.

  3. Love, love, love this!!!!

    • Thank you Christy! So happy you stopped amidst your tour of palaces with your wee princesses to read today’s post!

  4. I love “rut-ine”! How true. Loved this one Amy – you nailed the feeling exactly. susan

    • Awww thanks Susan! Happy you dropped in!

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