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For the past 11 days, I have not been alone.

Doesn’t sound like anything odd? 

If you know me, it is not normal for me to lack alone time.  Sure, I’ve had a few snippets but as for being alone at home for more than 30 minutes, it has not been happening.  This is a challenge for me.  Some people get recharged in the presence of others.  My energy gets zapped and I recharge better alone.

My journey of eleven days sans solo time began at a retreat for three days that has left me still digesting all the good manna collected while learning about spirit, soul, and body and my own spirit as it responds to God’s Spirit.  Ruach Journey was a blessed steady rain in the desert for me.  I learned the importance of receiving and bestowing blessings.  There is much to unpack still from that time away in the presence of new friends and spiritual mentors.

From there, I immediately drove the hour and a half home to be in the presence of sweet family as our son and daughter-in-love moved into their recently purchased and newly renovated house.  As I unpacked a few boxes and flattened empty ones, hearing the laughter and JoY within the walls of their new home, I answered the Spirit’s nudging to pray over their house while there and I did so silently and then corporately with family and friends encircled before we left.

From there, I came home and unloaded one car and repacked bags placing them (way too many of them) into the other car for a week’s stay in the mountains with my husband.  But before we left for a time of rest there, we attended the symphony which was a fabulous evening and my spirit was blessed by the music and the stories behind the  pieces.

Upon returning home Saturday, we spent time with immediate and extended family as the Easter weekend closed for us at a local restaurant where the bar was full of extremely happy people watching the Master’s Golf Tournament on the big screen.  A Georgia native won and almost immediately began sharing God in a prime format and on the perfect day to do so. (I’m not saying there’s ever not a perfect day to do so.)

When we returned home, I removed the makeup, gathered the pj’s, and dragged out my knitting project (a ruched throw).  But, not too many purls and knits went into the latest row before I realized I was exhausted and I laid my head back on the couch.  I awoke to the knitting being taken out of my hands and my sweet husband saying, “I think you need to go on to sleep in the bed.”  Twenty minutes of snoozing on the sofa had caused me to drop a few stitches off the needles and in my comatose state, I managed to make the repairs before securing my spot in the bed.

And so, now you know.  Here I am alone, recharging this morning before rounding out the day among others.

It’s nice to be home. 

I must say to you (now that I’ve reread this) that my husband knows that I need alone time and so my post today won’t offend him as I rejoice in being alone for a few hours today.  Granted, he would not like it and rightly so, if I preferred solo time above time with him all the time.  Fortunately, God blessed me with a man that “gets me” and my quirks, and he accepts them as part of who I am.  He knows that I’ll be a better and happier wife when my time alone has occurred.

“The Lord be with your spirit. Grace be with you.”
New American Standard Bible : 1995 update. 1995 (2 Ti 4:22). LaHabra, CA: The Lockman Foundation.

God has made us unique.  We are each energized in our inner being in a variety of ways.  I have the satisfaction of knowing that my Father knew that would be a fine trait to give me as part of my spirit’s DNA.
Opportunity for Response:
How do you best recharge?  Alone?  Among others?  Have you thanked God for His wiring of you today?  Take that opportunity and share with us won’t you?  Thanks!

Hug yourself!


  1. Hi Amy,

    After reading your post I am going to take a nap & it is about 12:30 pm & I got up @ 10Am.LOLL

    There is always wisdom in your writings…

    Have a great day in the Lord!!! Maude

    • Maude,
      You make me laugh! By now you have had your nap and I pray it has restored your soul today. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Much love to you.

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