House, Rest, Hold Fast

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The title today…two words and one exhortation from Hebrews 3-4 that we will tend to as we wrap up part 1 over the next two weeks. Has it been overwhelming to you? Honestly, it has to me at times. So, I give you grace to let out a sigh. Oh, but it’s been good! So good!

It shouldn’t be, but it is amazing to me how applicable it all is to us today. Lord forgive us if we ever think Your Word is not!

I go back to those exhortations sprinkled throughout Hebrews that are pertinent to us in the times in which we are living. Consider Jesus. Hold fast. Draw near. Focus on Him. We are being rocked back and forth on choppy waters. We must not be tossed about by every wave of doctrine, by the cunning craftiness of man, by the lies of the enemy.

In the face of financial adversity, consider Jesus.
In the face of war, consider Jesus.
In the face of presidential elections, consider Jesus.

Why consider Him? He is THE authority. He is THE ruler. He is THE creator. He is righteous. He is faithful. He is GOD! He is coming again.

Draw near to Him.
Hold fast to Him.
Focus on Him, not our circumstances.

Yes, we as believers have the ability to approach His throne. Praise Him for what He has done that has allowed us direct access to the King of kings.

Let us approach His throne confident of Whose we are!
There is grace and mercy there.

Lord, our country needs your mercy! Lord, we need your help! We know not what to do, BUT our eyes are on YOU! Amen.

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