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It’s the end of a nice, long weekend. Some in our Bible study midst have family who are waiting to find out just how much of his reputation Hurricane Gustav lived up to in Louisiana, Texas, and other areas expecting to be impacted by him. Then, Hanna is not far behind with some more hurricane expectations on the east coast. My prayers are with those in the wake of both storms. So, for some, this weekend has been anything but restful.

I had time over the weekend to work on lesson 3 of Hebrews and I even read through Romans. Our church is getting ready to go through Romans in our Sunday morning classes and the preacher will be following along with his messages. The one thing I have realized over the weekend is my true …dare I say stupidity in matters of doctrine? What was I thinking trying to read and discern timeless truths that I need to know from God’s Word in two of His books? I want clarity now, Lord! Reading and reading and trying to discern quickly is just not happening for me. Does that scare you to know these things about me? It scares me!

One positive was that after reading Romans, Hebrews seemed to make more sense. Let me clarify, Hebrews and Romans make a lot of sense. Please don’t receive my commentary here as slamming God for His Word.

But, rather, let me be real with you.

My heart’s desire is to open His Word and understand it with such discernment unlike any other time I’ve ever read it. That is my fervent prayer for myself and for you all reading and studying His book.

Remember what I said toward the end of our time together last week? Studying the Word is hard. It does not come naturally. It takes work and practice. So, hang in there.

Here’s a reminder to you of what exactly you need to focus in on as you wrap up lesson 3 of Hebrews this week and prepare for our time together Thursday. Consider JESUS! What does each chapter say about Him? Be familiar with Who He is in the book of Hebrews. With whom is He compared? Why do we need to listen to Him? Who is He that we should pay attention to what God has spoken to us through Him (in Him)?

One final important but mundane thing to address. Some of you don’t know how to comment to the postings on the blog. I hope this information helps and I may not have it quite right so forgive me ahead of time if I mess up. Where it says “comments” below a posting, click on that. If you do not have a blogspot account, which most of you probably don’t, you can set one up by typing in your existing email address (whether gmail or not) and a password that only you will see. After going through that process, you should be able to post a comment. Just know that the comments come through me for now. I just want to protect all of us from some weirdo who might want to post instant crudeness on a godly blog. So, comment away, if you have the desire.

Love to all!

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