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Love Letter 8

Love Letter 8

Dear God,

You say in Leviticus to Israel,

“You shall be holy to me, for I the LORD am holy and have separated you from all the peoples, that you should be mine.” (Lev. 20:26, ESV)

You possess the land for the people you possess. Will they reciprocate this steadfast love of yours by obeying your statutes of a set apart life? Obedience is required of them; obedience to separate themselves from those things and people that would defile them.

It is no different today, this requirement for those whom you possess. A set apart life of obedience to your holy ways is a part of life with you.

In the midst of this present culture that continues to worship other gods and embrace the unclean sin things you call us to reject, it can be difficult. Confusion abounds as ignorance of your words in Scripture goes unchecked among those of us who claim to know you.

“Tickle my ears with things that make me giddy and feel good about myself and my life right now. It’s the best for me!”, echoes in the Church’s worldliness. “Skip over the passages in the Bible that have no relevance to us today!”, is the cry from the pews that so many pastors obey above the solid meat and difficult passages of your word that could lead so many down the narrow path to you.

Sexual immorality is avoided so often as a topic in the Church.

Killing the unborn is a cultural okay that the Church ignores.

Not offending others in the school or workplace with sharing the Gospel of Christ takes precedence.

Avoiding the topic of hell is the norm.

We are loving people to death, eternal death and separation from you.

Here I am, no better. When do I get out of my own comfort zone to speak to others about what you say on all these issues?

I mess up daily as I can often be caught up in the culture’s desire for more of the world and less of you, bowing to ignorant words that distort what you say and what you mean. Failing to correct false teaching or nodding when someone I respect speaks inaccurate words out of context of all you have to say.

God, forgive me.

It is a challenge to my relationship with you.

So, today, I declare once more that I am yours. I will love the LORD my God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength while loving my neighbor as myself. (Luke 10:27, my rough translation).

I belong to you. I pray I will live that out all my days, with grace and solid commitment to you. I pray that I will be salt and light in my family, church, city, nation, and world.

No compromise. I am yours. May I boldly live that out.




  1. Wow Amy. You are right on!!! Love you and wishing you a Happy Valentines Day! God is love!

    • Thank you, Patsy.

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