If I Could, I Would Be an Ice Dancer

Posted by on Mar 15, 2010 in Blog Posts | 0 comments

As I was preparing for church yesterday (as in drying my hair and putting on makeup) I was listening to Sandi Patty.  With her ability to reach high notes, crescendo and decrescendo, and maneuver major chord changes, I realized I probably should have been born up North where I probably could have gotten a pair of ice skates when I took my first steps on level ground.

If I had learned the fine art of ice skating I could have combined that with my love for music and fine choreography.  Voila! 

While using my beauty products and contemplating a routine on ice with Patti singing, I had a great time in my head.  My routine had lots of jumps, triple somethings and double toe things going on and they all occurred at just the right time.  My twirls were stupendous.  During key changes, my imaginary jumps were amazing.

My costume was beautiful, modest, and simply stunning with real Australian crystals sewn on in a swish pattern from the top right shoulder diagonally across the front wrapping to the back center in a point over the periwinkle blue fabric leading to a cute twirly skirt.   I look amazing in my costume.  I’m not kidding.

Oh well, it was a lovely thought…skating for Jesus.

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