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I couldn’t find a picture of a pinto bean.

of my husband…

Yes, indeed.

In my quest to save money and be a wise woman (thank you mother-advisor of the King in Proverbs 31), I have embarked on incorporating more occasions to partake of more veggies, less sugar, less fat, and healthy proteins and fiber.  (Although, some days the sugar and fat win, win, win!)

This week, I brought out the pressure cooker and prepared one of my all-time favorite Cracker Barrel meals at a cost of probably 50 cents (yes, cents) per serving. 


Beans, as in pinto from rock stage to edible stage.
Greens, as in collards, fresh, cooked with a little ham seasoning rather than streak o’ lean or fat back.

I warmed up some cornbread.
I brought out the fresh onion, chopped it, and opened the jar of sweet relish.

We sat.  We ate.  I enjoyed every healthy bite as I contemplated the instant health I was consuming.

I got up to clear our dishes.  And that’s when I saw it.

Much to my dismay, my husband of 25 years had only consumed probably two bites of the beans.

To his credit, he loves my collard greens.  I appreciate him for that.
I have now come to learn that he does not care for pinto beans.  Not mine.  Not yours.  Not Cracker Barrel’s either.  He does, however, like them with lard, mashed, and re-fried at El Vaquero.

Apparently, the online photo places don’t have a penchant for those legumes either.  All I could find when I searched for a pinto bean was the Pinto pony.  This pony expresses my reaction to the dining experience in our home that evening.

There was weeping and gnashing of teeth, on my part.  (Not really, but I was not a happy kitchen queen after I found out his disdain for inexpensive yet healthy foods in the form of dried beans resurrected into life-giving form).

Twenty-five years.

And I am still learning.

Twenty-five years.

And I cannot bear it when someone does not eat my food…

Save money where you can, but know the tastes of those dining at your table, and be prepared for whatever may come your way should you stray from the path of keeping precious palates pleased.

Opportunity for Response:
How have you botched it in the kitchen?  Please share.  I need to feel a bit better about my decision to serve what has now become a great lunch four days in a row…


  1. Amy, I am just smiling at this post! I actually botched a beautifully prepared vegetable pizza last week. I failed to put any spray on the pan and the dough stuck like glue! The meal had to go in the trash and I was heartbroken, especially after I had spent all that time cutting up the veggies, roasting them, etc….I could not save it. So then I felt bad because we had no dinner and I had to waste food.
    🙁 FYI, great lesson today, really, really spoke to me and Wayne Barber really cracks me up! Love, Katherine

    • Glad to know I’m not alone in the food fiasco department. Misery loves some company, even around the kitchen table. I’m sorry about your meal ending up in the trash. What a letdown after all the effort. PAM has become a friend of mine and when I forget to spritz the pan/dish, it can be a bad, bad thing.

      I’m liking Wayne’s dvd’s, too. Glad to know the lesson “worked” for you today. I was a bit worried about taking so much time on the word studies, but I think it was beneficial.

      You’re sweet. Hug yourself!

  2. I’m sorry I didn’t cook many beans when he was growing up so he might develop a taste for them. While I was growing up there were many nights when Nanny served beans of some kind and corn bread with onions of relish – and that was it. She was the queen of making meals out of very little. He was lucky to get greens!

    • Mom,
      You cooked wonderful meals for your family! I was and still am blessed by your meals at your beautiful table. Like Rob, I didn’t grow up eating beans like that either. I’m not sure how I ended up developing a taste for them.

      Thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving a comment! : )

  3. Well my recent attempt at Northern Beans and Ham in the crock pot wasn’t so perfect! But I was the only one affected, thankfully. I finally ate some at 10 hours of cook time and left them cooking until about 12 hours (bedtime). Taste was fair. Texture was not what I thought it should be. Next time I’ll try pre-soak.

    • Hey Sister,
      Let me just say that we are human “beans” are doing the best we can to try new things and better our health individually. I’m proud of you for trying a new thing and also for making notes for the next time. I love you!

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