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I imagine I get off the runaway trike and climb the steps to God’s front porch.

Do you ever have days when you want to just run away from all your responsibility?   I admit it. I
do, sometimes.  Although my responsibilities are fewer nowadays, I can still get overwhelmed by them and just life in general at times.

I have developed a practice at the advice of a counselor-friend for when I have days of “overwhelmation” (not a real word, I know).

I imagine myself as a little girl riding my tricycle down a cozy neighborhood sidewalk.  All the houses have front porches and there’s one in particular that I pass that has a lovely English garden and a pretty picket fence. The small patch of grass is lush as the garden borders it and the hedges are all tidy.  Southern Living would want to do a spread on this place, for sure!

God is on the front porch reading the newspaper and sipping coffee as he glides in his swing suspended from the pale blue ceiling.  There’s a breeze that blows gently that causes the fragrance of herbs and roses to waft by my little girl nose as I squeak my trike down the sidewalk in a mad dash to run away.

I’m toting my dolly.  My hair’s rather a mess (as it seemed to be much when I was growing up).  My clothes are rather mismatched as I’ve chosen the first things in the drawer to don. I’m going as fast as I can when I pass my favorite house with God on the porch.

He invites me to come into his yard and sit awhile with him and just talk about all the junk that forces me away from him and from joy in life.

I refuse to accept his invitation and continue on my merry way squeaking as I push the pedals further away.

At some point though, I decide I DO need to turn around and go back to that pretty rose cottage where God glides on his swing awaiting my return to be open and lay my heart out on his shoulder as his ears hear and his eyes sparkle at my little girl rantings of why life is hard and I need a break.

So I do.  I go back.  I open the picket fence gate with the ball and chain swing closure.  I approach the steps slowly looking at my feet and I walk up each one and turn to where he is on the swing.  He pats the seat beside him and I move forward as he gently lifts me up to sit there, cradled under his arm.

And then I tell him why I’m running away and he listens and nods until I’m done.

Then he asks if I’m all better and I say yes as I jump down off the swing, wave goodbye, and scoot back home happy to belong where life is busy and I am loved and needed.

I imagine this.  Yes, I do.

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  1. Amy, I love your imagined story here! First, let me say you are a great writer! Totally made me feel like I was there with you 🙂 And yes, what a wonderful way to picture God. I talked about that a little in my post as well. I like to imagine Him talking to me and hugging me. Makes you feel so special!

    • Awwww thanks Sarah! I’m so glad you stopped by today and shared encouraging words here.

  2. Imaginary in so many ways, yet not in this: the way He listens, if we’ll just quit the running and give Him the chance, and give His peace a chance to settle in our hearts and relax our our taut little muscles!

    • I, too, am thankful we don’t have to imagine that He listens. He does! Yea! Thanks for stopping by today.

  3. I enjoyed the pictures of your imaginings. I too often imagine Jesus, as I hand him all the many things I am carrying at the end of the day, his hands large and outstretched, ready to carry it for me. It’s amazing how these visual prayers complement our spoken prayers, how they can even help us meet with God in places we were unaware of. Stopping by from FMF!

    • Thank you. I also picture Jesus at the end of the day encouraging me to drop the day’s issues in his hands for keeping. Usually, too, it happens that confession occurs in the remembering and replaying the day’s things. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend.

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