In the Garden

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Last year my herb garden was never tended by me.  I pulled a few weeds here and there, but stayed away most of the time.  There was the issue with being more susceptible to infection while on chemo and dirt is to be avoided.  There was the issue of being more susceptible to sunburn, and there was also the issue with being more sensitive to heat.  Honestly, a year later, I realize that I was tired then even though I felt good.

This weekend, I was able to take a trip with Rob up to the plant sale at Callaway Gardens.  We filled a small flat with a variety of basils, a French lavender plant, some chives, and pineapple sage.  In the midst of a tornado warning, we loaded up the car and took a trip into Pine Mountain for some coffee and conversation after the storm passed.  It was truly a sight to see people exiting the big circus tent for more solid structures.  I was more concerned about our tender shoots being pelted by hail than I was our safety.

In between showers yesterday (which we so desperately needed to wash away the yellow dust from the pollen), I put the herbs in the freshly cleaned herb bed.  The smell of fresh soil added to the old was invigorating.  A gentle breeze was blowing as the sun hit my back while I dug small holes for the new plants I was adding amidst the old rosemary, oregano, lemon thyme, lemon balm, and a bay leaf bush.  A couple of red Gerbera faces were cheering me on as they seemed to look in my direction.

At the right time in the middle of a breeze after handling the pineapple sage, the fragrance from said herb wafted my way and I was caught up in its aroma, so happy to have selected it to bring home.

Its scent was just enough to remind me that is what I am supposed to be, too…that pleasing aroma of Christ in the midst of this earth.  I am supposed to take what He has given me and put it to use as He nudges me to bring Him glory.

Honestly, though, sometimes I end up with no fragrance that reflects Him and I give off nothing that would bring Him glory or worse, I deliberately “smell” a bit stinky in my actions, thoughts, and words.   I am more like a reflection of the world than Him.

So, my question today is this.  What kind of fragrance is emanating from us today?  Will it be a pleasing aroma that reflects Christ to others?

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