In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning

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It’s another day and I have begun it with my inner alarm clock awakening me long before my heart desired to see the dark part of the morning.  You know what I mean?  I decided that I would actually use my post today as part of my quiet time and I’m going all out of order and moving right in to “praise and thanksgiving”.

It has been awhile since I posted such a list so here goes my most recent thank You’s to God:

  • the friend who, when she got no response from a phone message, decided to put out an APB at all the hospitals to make sure I wasn’t a patient in one of them.
  • Sunday’s visit with my brother-in-law from Cumming, GA.
  • Sunday’s nap after the visit with my brother-in-law.
  • the newest addition to my pottery collection left filled with fruit from a friend who is quite an “overcomer” example.
  • the sewing machine repairman who tried to save me a trip to his shop and coached me through the repair protocol over the phone.  I think I’ll have to see him in person anyway.
  • reading glasses in +1.50 in lots of fashionable colors that I have now begun to wear with my Rx lenses to form my own rendition of chemo bifocals.  It’s a “lovely” look.   It may be time for +1.75.  This too shall pass?  Please?  
  • the appointment with my eye doctor when chemo is done so I can get the right prescription for my eyes.
  • the tiniest but most bloom-filled peace lily from a church member/friend who wrote on the card, “Jesus loves you, and so do I.”
  • the bag two friends filled with cards to cheer me up.
  • opportunities to see funny movies, like Toy Story 3 (cried and cried and laughed) and Despicable Me (funny little minions…one with the wig reminded me of myself sporting Delilah).
  • plastic spoons and forks when my taste buds have gone heavy metal.
  • my funny story about trying to apply fake eyelashes (the right one was beautiful…the left, however, looked like I killed a spider on my left lid when it was all said and done).
  • eyelash glue that does come off when your left lid still wants to stick to its lower half even though the fake eyelashes has been pried off and trashed.
  • humor from mixed up sayings like, “Of all the things I miss my most…my mind.”  It should have been, “Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most.”  I said this while traveling down the road with Rob one day.  It’s funnier now than the first time.  
  • anti-nausea meds.
  • Fruit2o flavored water since my favorite Ruby Red grapefruit juice is a no-no in combination with the new chemo drug.  Bummer!  But, I am thankful for other beverages, like water.  Yes!
  • upcoming opportunity to see family as we celebrate David’s 19th birthday!
  • you – checking in today.

Hug yourselves!  Write out your thankful list today!

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  1. You don’t know how much I needed this post today (God is soooo good). One of my thank you’s today to God is having you in my life.

    Thank You, Love ya,

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