Introduction to the Advent Bible Study

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Whenever I begin a new study, at the first meeting I typically introduce myself to the group, go over some suggestions for completing lessons, assign lesson due dates, and just try to make the members of the group feel welcome and excited about coming back the next week with their completed lesson done.Such is my purpose today.

Although, this is a bit odd because I am typing out what I would speak and am throwing a video in. Let me stop for a minute and say to you that I really love Jesus and I would only do a video for Him. Please don’t judge the background, my bronchitis-ridden voice, nor my uhm…..appearance. Remember, the camera adds 50 pounds! Yeah, that’s the story I’m sticking with! Tee hee.

So, watch the video and then come back here as I may leave out some stuff I was going to say and will have it all written down here for those of you who prefer instructions in writing. Press the arrow on the bitty tv type screen down there. Make sure your speakers are turned on and you may need to turn them up higher than normal in order to pick up my voice. Remember, this is not a professional video. Lord, help me.

Supplies you will need for this study are:

  • Immanuel, by Ann Spangler (need it asap, so call your Christian bookstore and have them order you a copy or put one on hold for you. If you are in Columbus, Sanctuary has ordered some more to be ready for pick up at the end of this week. LifeWay still has 6 copies they are holding in my name.)
  • Your Bible
  • a small notebook, paper, or some space in your prayer journal
  • a pen or pencil

The official start date is:

  • Monday, November 9 and concludes in six weeks. Because the lesson each week begins on a Monday and concludes on Friday with optional (but encouraged) readings for the weekend, I will stick to Ann’s format. If you are meeting with a small group, I have some ideas for you below.

The official location is:

If you’re doing this with a small group face to face:

  • Determine when you will meet, preferably schedule your meetings so you meet to discuss the week AFTER everyone has completed the week’s homework. In other words, we start week 1 on November 9. You would plan to meet with your group after that first week of reading, studying, and application ends. You determine when. On the Friday of every week, I will post some group discussion suggestions/questions for you to use if you want to or you can come up with your own.
  • Strive to meet at the same time each week with your group making sure you have allowed time for all to go through the lesson prior to your meeting.
  • Set a time to begin and end being respectful of everyone. I would think that a small group could meet for an hour and incorporate a few minutes of fellowship before getting down to the discussion time.
  • Since this book incorporates the six names in prayer, I highly recommend that you do the same in your small group setting.
  • Whomever the leader is, please be sure to know the lesson well in order to facilitate discussion and prevent rabbit trails. Stick to your topic for the week as much as you can. And, stick to the time frame you have set.
  • Members, be respectful of the hostess’ time. When you wrap up your time together, be diligent to help her straighten up, but leave in a respectable amount of time so she can tend to her family and other things she needs to do, unless she welcomes you to linger longer!
  • Incorporate your own ideas for leading this group and be sensitive to what the Holy Spirit is encouraging you to do.
  • Post comments on the blog (they get posted after I read them, so don’t be surprised that it doesn’t show up right away) as to what you are learning on your own and what your group is learning together.

If you’re doing this with a small group not in the same geographic location but on Facebook, the phone, email, or Skype chat:

  • You can follow the same suggestions for the small group face to face, but you would be chatting via computer or phone.
  • Appoint the leader or designate yourself as the leader and corral some friends to meet at a set time each week, again making sure it’s after the first week ends that you go over that lesson and so on.
  • Follow the posted suggestions for your discussion time and/or come up with your own.
  • End on time.
  • Post comments on the blog (they get posted after I read them, so don’t be surprised that it doesn’t show up right away) as to what you are learning on your own and what your group is learning together.

If you’re going solo:

  • You, too, check in with the weekly suggestions for discussion, but you would journal your answers on paper OR just answer them in your head.
  • You may find this is the simplest less stressful way to complete this study. You may even sense the need to do this alone with the Lord. That is fine.
  • Your accountability is between you and God to spend time with Him. It’s doable, but may be easier to drop out. So, try to post comments on the blog (I post them after checking them so they don’t post right away). You would post a comment about the week’s lesson whenever the Spirit leads you.

Finally, if you still have children at home, why not do this together with them? Just a thought.

Well, know that I am praying for you all! I look forward to “seeing” you each week and I pray this little book is powerfully enriching to your Christmas, but more importantly that it draws you closer to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus who’s first advent has come. Now we await his second! Glory!


  1. Can’t wait to begin!!

  2. Great job, Sister! Looking forward to this Advent-focused time with you and praying it will make this Christmas even more special!

  3. You look Maarvelous, Darlin…I’m all excited!! Smile.

  4. These are great suggestions. I like your video because, since I’ve never met you, it’s nice to meet you this way.

  5. I am so excited! Thank you for doing this! I look forward to keeping my focus on Jesus this Christmas season and not on all the shopping and crazy running around that I get tangled in!
    Thank you Amy!!

  6. Way to go on your first video!! Very amazed that you can do all that!! 🙂 Can’t wait to be back in the Word with you!!!
    Love ya

  7. Amy, I’m so excited. The idea of doing this with my daughters in law is so much fun! I love you and I’m so thankful for your love of Jesus and you passion for sharing that love with others. We are blessed!

  8. Great vid, girlfriend. Don’t hate me fore saying this, but have you ever considered posting your lessons in video clips? It’s wonderful to hear your voice!

    Aunt MJ

    (Got my book — ready to go)

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