Is it Monday, Already?

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Where has the weekend gone?  Where did last week go, for that matter?

As I look at this counter where I sit in my kitchen blogging to you today, I am aware of where this week must head.  There are David’s graduation announcements to address and send along with invitations to an intimate graduation celebration.  Numerous RSVP cards await our decision of attendance (I ponder whether Delilah or a hat should accompany me to each one…I lean more toward the hat vote.  I wonder, too, how I will be feeling the day these various events roll around.)  The pressure to commit and show up is far greater than it ever has been for me.  Although, I know that all those who have invited us also know my circumstances and would forgive my not showing up after committing.  Gifts need to be purchased.  I have an abundance of thank-you notes I want to write.  (Note “want” rather then “need”.  God keeps impressing on me the importance of an attitude of gratitude throughout all this.)  Isaiah 33-35 is in the forefront of all these piles.  Today would be my final day of a week’s study to finish my lesson in order to prepare teaching notes.  Alas, I am behind on the week’s study.  It will get done and probably be much fresher Thursday.  You’ll understand why that’s a good thing once you’ve read all of today’s post.

I can tell I’m not moving at warp speed much these days.  I’m alright with that.  I kind of like the slower pace right now.  It allows me to focus on the simple things and not worry (too much).  A long leisurely lunch with our parents, David, and his girlfriend yesterday was a sweet time.  While attempting to work on Isaiah later, I knew a nap was in order.  So, I acquiesced to the need and Beans and I snuggled on my bed as I tried to keep my sleeping cap in the right spot on my head.  A friend’s visit later on was a time to just catch up with her as she dropped off food for lunch this week.  She’s a new grandmother (first time, as a matter of fact).

Her being a grandmother causes me to once more stop and be thankful for catching this cancer fairly early  This time last year, this tumor was not even present in my yearly mammogram.  It’s amazing how quickly it developed and invaded my body to the point of being a hard mass I could detect without the help of mammography.  It’s sobering.  Eleven months later I found it and it’s been a whirlwind ever since.  Once the treatment began, the rapid pace and numerous appointments with various doctors subsided in number and now I can enjoy the healing.  I enjoy it because I can look forward to a long life and lots more events to come.  I’ll be around to see them.  One day, this period of diagnosis and healing will be a distant memory.  Life and continuance of life will fill the happy void of cancer.

The chemo seems to be working.  All my doctor visits last week (three) confirmed what I could begin noting within two weeks of chemo.  So what if I have lost my hair temporarily?  So what if the use of the steroids in the pre-meds may add a little pudge?  So what if the chemo brain symptoms seemed to have kicked in (even before chemo began?)?   I had hoped I would not succumb to that side effect.  No such thing, however.  This side effect makes for a rather humorous life, even more than usual.

Here’s one example of chemo brain from the annals of yesterday’s adventures:  As Rob and I were returning home from lunch, I asked him if my outfit looked like a…………………………………………
Well, I could NOT think of the Spanish dancer word I was trying to grasp.  I finally said (after a really long pause where he has to turn to make sure I haven’t passed out in the car seat next to him), “Oh, do I look like a blinka blinka dancer?”  He said, “Do you mean a FLAMENCO dancer?”  Aaaaah, yes!  That was the word that I had thought of earlier in the morning but by the afternoon had lost.

I made sure to use the word when my friend came and commented on the fact that I was so cute in the outfit:  Black pants, white top, fuschia pink bolero-style knitted shrug, and my black hat with a wide brim (gift from another friend) banded with one of my sister’s creations for me and finished with a small black scarf with fuschia flowers woven in and tied in the back. 


  1. Yes, it is Monday and the u-turns continue in my neighborhood entrance resulting in another auto accident for 3 cars (Thankfully, I was not involved). Also, thankfully , I do not think anyone was seriously injured. Oh, but the reality of another day…just a minor incident compared to those fighting for their lives against the train-wreck, called CANCER. Oh Amy, you and my Mother inspire me more than any two people I know.
    I thank God daily for the privilege of knowing you and having you minister to me in such a powerful way. Thank you and God Bless you today and always!

  2. I am praying for you and thinking of you often! Please know what a privilege it is to read your writing and hear about your faith in action. It is truly inspiring!


  3. Believe me, your outfit is too cute and you look so great. Like your post, I have used Chemo brain a bunch in 11 years. It comes in handy sometimes each day. Stay positive. Thanks for always blessing us.

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