It’s Beans and I Got a New Outfit. Why, Oh Why?

Posted by on Oct 27, 2008 in Blog Posts | 7 comments

As you can tell from my photo, I am not thrilled with the thought of wearing clothes and I am asking Amy about the purpose behind the gift. See her toe in the picture? Notice she’s wearing sandals? Where are her snow boots? Did I do something wrong? I mean, I had been minding my own business while she ran an errand with David. The next thing I know, they arrive back home, I greet them at the door and voila’, I have a torture top.

David is jealous that the hood has the look of sherpa on the inside. I say they “surepaid” too much for something I will never choose to put on myself.

Yes, they had a high time watching me as I tried to wriggle my way out of the contraption. They say it’s for my good when they take me to the mountains for the weekend and the temperatures are going to be in the 20s in the mornings. Brrrrr. Maybe I’ll just stay by the fire. Is it possible for dogs to use cat litter boxes? I may give it a go so I don’t have to wear this thing outside. What if somebody sees me in it? I ask you this, what kind of outfit is this anyway? Half of one! Where are the pants? Do they think my lower long half won’t be cold outdoors? I may as well go all out. I’ll be a half-baked Bean.

I am depressed. Remember when I asked for a home for Tinker? None of you took me up on it. Now I’m looking for an advocate. Better yet, sign the petition “no outfits for Beans”. Just by posting a comment on my behalf against the half outfit, I’d be your BFF (Bean Friend Forever).

I’m in such a tizzy. The outfit is not the worst. She bathed me today! I was smelling good and doggy.

This is out of control. I think they’re trying to make a “human Bean” out of me! Help!


  1. Beans –
    It’s a hard life buddy! Wear the coat and make Amy happy…she does feed you and let you sleep by that nice warm fire you know! 🙂 I promise the coat is not that bad. To be honest it makes your butt look really small!
    PS Tell Amy I am working hard on my lessons!!!

  2. Oh Beans,

    You are just the cutest. Hang in there you will be just fine. The outfit just means you are well loved.

    You brighten my day!


  4. Don’t listen to them Beans. I’m with you!!! Clothes are for humans.

  5. Dottie said:

    I am with you Beanie Boy. Kimberly has me in a sweater today too. I admit it, I was a little cold and there was no fire, but to have to wear these clothes!!! And she makes me wear dresses too!! Just be glad you are a boy. Take care.

  6. To all my concerned friends out there, I appreciate your feedback but I need to set the record straight on something. I am not a boy. I am a girl. Frankie is too. I feel better getting that off my chest.

  7. Boy are my cheeks red! We dogs are supposed to be able to tell that kind of stuff aren’t we – but you would need to be where I could get a sniff or two. Sorry girlfriend!!

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