It’s Friday!

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One week down for David in school! Off to UGA tomorrow with Robert. The dining room is loaded down with all the paraphernalia ready for college. I will miss him. This means summer is truly over. Sad. David has just announced he will be wearing his Auburn apparel to UGA! Pray he doesn’t get hurt. Of course, this will be the second year he has decided to do this. I have a feeling he may help “decorate” his brother’s room with discreetly placed Auburn items throughout. I have to give him a big “War Eagle” for still trying to convert his brother. It won’t happen, however. You have to laugh! Above is a picture of last year’s check-in.

While traveling to Athens and back I’ll be in Hebrews. Nothing helps to accomplish Bible study more than being captive in a car. Where are you all doing your homework this weekend?

Since I won’t be near the computer for the weekend, I’ll be back on Monday!

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