I’ve Got the Power!

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I feel that today’s title deserves the music with these words playing in the background…”I’ve got the power…!” Can’t you hear the rhythmic cowbell in the background of the song? After spending too much time trying to decide which version of the video to play, I canned the idea. I was close to showing Yoda dancing to the song. That clip would have made the men in the house happy. I plan to show it to them later.

Let me back up.

Last Wednesday, I was rushing to get ready for an appointment. As I was drying my hair, the power in the house went out. Isn’t that just the way it happens? But, an amazing thing continued to happen. My hair dryer kept blowing hot air! YES IT DID! I kid you not. I was so afraid to turn the thing off that I just kept drying my hair for fear that it would not restart. I know. I’m sad that way.

Here are the thoughts that popped into my head as this was going on:

  • this must be a really important appointment and God has commanded His angels to keep blowing hot air through my hair dryer in order for me to make it;
  • this reminds me of when I read The Hiding Place and Corrie and her sister in the concentration camp were running out of the medicine the sister needed; somehow the medicine bottle never ran out as God continued to fill it up for her;
  • God truly cares about every hair on my head and knows how important this feature is to me;
  • Rob will never believe me when I tell him what has happened.

I truly thought the first was the sure-fire reason this occurrence took place. Continuing on, I finished getting ready (in the dark) and as I was leaving the house, hoping my look was together considering I had dressed and applied makeup in the dark, the counter top lamp was on in the kitchen and the laundry room light as well. I assumed it had all come back on. I proceeded to the garage to press the electric garage door opener. Press. Nothing. Press again. Nothing again. Press one more time. Nothing. I went to the car and pressed the opener from there. Nothing. At this point, I panicked thinking that I am not only late leaving the house, but I am late to the appointment. Furthermore, I thought I was trapped in my own garage. Then I remembered the red cord for the garage door.

I yanked and…..the cord broke.

By this time, I am ticked as rip. I repented of a certain word and proceeded to lift the door manually since the cord had unlocked it at least.

All the time I was thinking that surely this appointment must be very important to God for me to make. I also thought the enemy of my soul valued my not being there so much that he was doing everything he could do to prevent my attendance.

I was more determined to make it to that thing and so I left.

(Due to my calendar and the fact that this post is going longer than planned, I’ll pick this story back up tomorrow. Stay tuned!)

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  1. Way to leave me hanging.

    Is there a patron saint of blow-dryers?

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