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PreviewGuess what! The movers are here loading up furniture. All this week, Rob and I have been moving boxes out of one house and into the other. China, books, cookware, pictures, lamps, flatware, stemware, and clothes have vacated one place and taken over another. Oh my! Where did I put the towels and sheets?!

It’s enough to make a girl jittery with worry and wondering how in the world it’s going to all be better and more organized in a week. The jitters spur on a desire for more caffeine which only contributes to the jitters and the short snappy remarks when weariness consumes thoughts and comes out in speech.

My daily journal is filled with a plethora of confessions and emotions of the soul, and spirit cries for growth in Christ through this move.

Praise God, though, each day has new mercy straight from the Creator of mercy.

Keeping a journal has helped me for lots of years. Some years have gaps of space in keeping up with the praying. I know I prayed. I just have no account. Perhaps my prayers were just those that weary mothers pray in the middle of the night cradling a baby and yearning for a straight eight of sleep.

At the beginning of this year, I decided to freshen up my journaling to bullet lists each day of blessings in line with those prompts from Ann VosKamp. Those go on the left side of the journal page while the right side holds the heart cries and confessions of a weary soul. It’s been funny how so many of the blessing prompts lately have been so fitting with this move.

And I smile because God created muscles to form a smile and a frown. Smiles just seem to feel better and I th31daysmovingink they make Him smile, too. The One Who gave us new days is the One Who fills them with JoY. See that “Y” back there. Yes, I capitalized it.



Look at it closely. What does it look like? A stick figure with arms lifted up to the Joy giver!

At the end of today, I’m going to have a list of at least three times my spirit caused me to raise my arms and hands in JoY for what God has done today.

Join me, want you?

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