Joe the Cop

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Once on a trip to New York, I lived a fairy tale experience.  We stayed in the nicest hotel I have ever been in.  We dined at a fabulous assortment of restaurants.  We took in a show.  We stopped at a cupcake shop and sampled one each, no sharing.  AND, we were chauffeured by Joe the Cop.

I have decided that I like Joe the Cop and I could grow accustomed to his service.  Need tickets to that sold-out show?  He has connections.  Need to dine at a certain time in a restaurant that is booked for a month and has no seats for you while there?  No problem.  Joe the Cop can make one call on his cell phone and you move to the front of the line at just the specific time you wanted.  His connections are amazing.  He knows everyone in NYC, I do believe.  In our brief time with him, no matter where we stopped, he knew shop owners and patrons.  In China town, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan…no matter, he would get out of his SUV he drove us in and people would come up and talk with him, “Hey Joe!  How you been?  Who you drivin’ today?  Then they’d look at me and go….oh, nobody.”

Okay, I don’t know that they said that, but compared to Joe and his variety of clients, I am sure I was far from the most famous person he has ever driven around.

Joe has a staff of retired NYC police and off-duty officers chauffeur visitors around the Big Apple wherever they want to go for as long as said visitors want to pay (or can afford to pay).  I believe riding with him is probably the safest I have ever been.  He is a retired policeman, after all.  He knows how to use a weapon, kapish?

What’s my point?

Joe the Cop may have connections, pull, skills for maneuvering in traffic and defending someone’s life, but there is only One who has my back all the time.  That’s, yep, you got it…God.

Joe has forgotten this Southern belle, but God knows my name, thoughts, ways…everything about me.
When life gets scary, God is my source of strength.  He is not surprised by any of it.  He is truly in control.  He has me in His grip.
My feelings of importance in Joe’s care was short-lived.  But, as a child of God, I am joint heirs with Christ.  One day I will dine at His banqueting table (like Mephibosheth at King David’s).  I will dwell with Him forever.

Yes, the feelings of importance with Joe are lovely in the moment…then you get the bill.  Ew.  With God, my bill for all my sin-debt was paid in full when Jesus willingly laid down His life in my place so that I could have eternal life with Him.  One is a debt that can be paid by me.  The other?  It was a debt I could never pay.  I thank God for loving me enough to pay it in full.



  1. AMEN!!

  2. Awesome words of encouragement this morning Amy! I needed that reminder I think.

  3. I was searching for Joe the Cop and your blog appeared. Love how you tied this message to that experience. So true. We used him a few years ago and lost his contact info. Returning to NYC and want to hire him again. By any chance, would you know how to reach him?

  4. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to reach him. So sorry

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