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See a solo soul?  Ask her to join you.

I stepped onto the elevator carrying my tote and purse down to the hotel lobby to grab some breakfast before attending the first session of the writer/speaker conference.  My two travel companions had not registered for the pre-conference session so I was heading down to breakfast alone.

The elevator was glass and I noticed from my high spot looking down below that there were already women gathering in clusters looking for tables where they could sit together.

I almost got off the elevator to return to my room at the next floor as the doors opened to allow two women carrying similar totes to get on board.  How awkward was this going to be…eating by myself at a table next to tables full of friends.  This normally doesn’t bother me.  It was bothering me and I wasn’t even in the midst yet.

Rather than facing the doors we three faced each other.  The two knew each other and they very kindly incorporated me into the conversation that began before they entered the glassed in space.

As we made our way down, they introduced themselves and realizing we were all going to the same place they very kindly asked me if I would join them for breakfast.

Join?  Strangers?  Over food?

Without hesitating I said I would love to and we plopped down our loads at a free table with four chairs.  We made our way through the women in attendance all seeking breakfast goodies of eggs, bacon, grits, waffles, and my main requirement, coffee.

One simple question.

One key word.


All it takes is an invitation to join and lives are forever changed as friendships form.  Commonalities are discovered.

It takes courage to say yes.

It takes courage to ask.

The next day, I found a lone soul heading for a breakfast table but all the two-tops were taken.  I had an empty chair at mine.  I took the example of my two new friends from the day before and asked the wondering woman afraid to ask for a spot if she would like to join me at the empty spot at my table.  She said yes and we shared stories over a meal and it was good.


It’s a good word.

It’s a good invitation.

Thanks to Sharon and Heather for inviting me to join them that day.

Who’s the lone soul seeking a place near you?  Won’t you ask her to join you?

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  1. Yay! You joined me! Love your story. Reaching out and inviting others is such a powerful thing to do.

    • It definitely is! I forget how powerful until I’m on the receiving end. : ) Glad you stopped by today. Thank you!

  2. It’s so lovely when you find friends in a roomful of strangers. those unknown kindred spirits are a blessing in every new situation!
    Visiting from Lisa Jo’s place today 🙂

    • They truly are a blessing…kind of like the blessing from kindred blogging spirits, huh? Be blessed Erika!

  3. “All it takes is an invitation to join and lives are forever changed as friendships form.”
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this! As someone who has attended conferences alone, I so know this space of unease. I too have been blessed by the invitation to join and have made some wonderful friends through it. Thanks so much for sharing today! Blessings!

    • Wenday, so happy you have known the blessing of “join”. I am thankful you stopped by and thanks, too, for liking my page at Facebook!

  4. Amy – I love this. I was there. At first we were all new, but quickly I noticed groups forming, and it was intimidating!! I am so glad someone asked you to join them. Yes! One woman did the same thing for me, and I was SO thankful. 🙂 Now we “know” each other on the blogosphere too. Actually, I’ve visited, but just now commenting.

    • It is so comforting to encounter hospitable people in the midst of crowds. It is therapeutic to our spirits to be counted “worthy” of inclusion. Thank you for commenting today. : )

  5. Random acts of kindness are contagious! Great story and encouragement to connect with others Amy! 🙂

    • Yes they certainly are. I’m so glad you joined in on commenting today! Thanks for stopping by. See you at Content Brew! : )

  6. Awwww….Amy! This warms my heart and truly makes me bow down to God for His gracious goodness! Heather and I were truly so delighted to meet you in that elevator and join you for breakfast!!! God is so good! I know He had all three of us meet. Love you new, beautiful friend!!!!!!!

    I am going to invite Heather to stop by here!

    Looking forward to keeping in touch! And the next She Speaks….

    (I am very behind on blog reading so I am glad I got to read this!!! Thank you!)

    • Sharon, so glad you stopped in at GG for the read and the sweet comment. In the midst of all those women, I’m delighted that God allowed our meeting in the elevator. I look forward to keeping up with you two as God continues to unfold His plans for you.

      Hugs from Georgia!

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