Journaling the Blessings

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This week’s blankness before the blessings and prayers flow.

I needed a fresh way to care for God this year.

My journaling has grown a tad stale.

My journals meander through my life on a path of words that define the season based on the words of celebration and the words of grief.

Questions to God and prayers lifted in purposeful writing rhythm and doodles of Scriptures in experimental fonts and pictures jump from their spots on lined pages.

The pages are a combined plethora of cheap spiral notebooks, fabric-covered Scripture imprinted girly pages, and elastic strapped Moleskine smoothness.

My journals are a variety of exteriors but a scripted, routine, and patterned interior.

In my journaling to care this year, I have decided to try something new and fresh to point me to caring reminders of God’s love and how that love can prompt me to care for others:

  • I’m posting pictures to serve as visual reminders of Care using my Instagram account this year.  I’m calling them Care Shares (when I remember to type that in before sharing).  I’ll post them to my Facebook page and Twitter, too.
  • I’m using a Moleskine extra large calendar/journal to record blessings of the day on the dated side and prayer requests and praises for the week on the lined side.  The empty space at the top of the left side will be for recording goals that Care for God, myself, and others for the week or for writing a Scripture that will be the week’s focus.  I bought some cute scrapbook stickers to liven up the pages every so often throughout the year.

My pages are filling up in a new way and the visual reminders of God’s care are so very precious.

Take time to breathe fresh life into your time with God.

Opportunity for Response:
Share one way you plan to implement in order to revive your quiet time.  (Click on “comments” near the time stamp below.) 


  1. This is great. So reflective and intentional. I love the idea of using instagram to record your blessings — like a digital scrapbook. These are great ideas and I am so glad you shared them!!

    • Thank you for stopping by to read. I am delighted today’s post gave you a few ideas to pass along. I hope they spur others on to refreshing their QTs. Blessings!

  2. I have a notebook that my husband gave me with a picture of our daughter Gracie on the cover. I record scripture I am studying and info from books I am reading (What Happens When Women Say Yes to God) and any questions I have or things I want to take a deeper look at.

    • Amy,
      Thank you for sharing a great idea for journaling. I know yours is a treasure especially since Gracie adorns it and Tom blessed you with it.
      May God bless your sitting still time.
      Hugs to you and yours!

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