Just Enough and More Than Enough

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My DAWG day was going to get off to a caring, healthy start as soon as I published a post using the word, “Dive.”  The irony would not go unnoticed.

I began checking off the important self-caring things on my mental list before committing the rest of the day to prayer:

  • Eat breakfast.  Check.
  • Pour water into a fancy pitcher for a pretty reminder to drink it.  Check.
  • Admire the beauty of the crystal pitcher.  What?!
  • Oops.  Sorry.  I got a bit distracted…
  • Get dressed for a walk.  Check.
  • Head out the door.  Check

Something odd was afoot.  I heard rain yet I did not see water from the sunny sky hitting the concrete.

I turned my head in the direction of the sound and saw instead a geyser of water coming up from the ground and into the sky, falling back down to add to the collection of soup on the grass.

“Uh oh. Not good,” were my thoughts as I realized the water was coming from the pool pump area from one of the many parts.

I frantically called my husband and via the phone we determined which of the switches needed to be flipped to “off” in order for the water to cease shooting heavenward and I did what I had to do.

I boldly stepped under the unexpected and unwanted fountain, reached through it, opened the box furthest in the back (of course), flipped the switch, and stepped back out, dripping, blinking, and sputtering.

The water immediately ceased its upward flow and gurgled low at the site.

Frustrated, I turned tail and went inside to dry off, put on dry everything, and grab a consoling cup of coffee, bypassing the pretty pitcher.  Hmmmph!  I was kind of turned off to water at that point.  I made my way into the study and pouted in prayer, hair towel-swaddled.

This whipped and wet puppy felt like her DAWG day was a wash.

But God gave me a great picture through the pitcher AND the geyser.

I saw my life represented in both:

The pitcher is how I most often want my life to be:  pretty, picturesque, appealing, just enough, just right, so very well planned, so neat, so tidy.

The geyser is how it often ends up in a short period of time:  overwhelming, too busy, unplanned, messy, more than enough thank you, a monsoon.

And then there was the picture of Him in both situations:

The pitcher holds just enough.  He is enough.

Give me Lord, my daily bread…
just enough for today without worrying about tomorrow.

And there He is in the geyser, too.
He pours out more than enough to get me through my monsoon moments.

Even here Lord, give me my daily bread…
just enough for today without worrying about tomorrow.

Sometimes a monsoon is our daily bread?  Yes.  It is.

What about you?  Will you find God in your “just enough” circumstances today?  Or, will you jump in the middle of the “more than enough” ones and find Him there?  Either way, you’re sure to find Him.  Won’t you join me?  The water’s fine!


  1. Fantastic object lesson and insight! I need to bookmark this one or paste it into a journal! I can so relate!

    • This post could have gone on and on…God showered me with lots of blessings on a water theme the whole weekend. From the “Dive” post to a “remember your Baptism” sermon on Sunday, He had it flowing. : )

      I love you Sister!

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