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PreviewYesterday in our moving in of the things we did not ask the professionals to move, I kind of felt like the whole day was a convergence of the following TV shows all playing in a chaotic gathering of the bizarre. Imagine the Clampetts in a Penske truck pulling up to the set of Jerry Springer as A & E are filming an episode of Hoarders and the studio audience is made up of people waiting to go to a confessional over the sin of loving the world more than Jesus. Throw in the manufacturers of Glad trash bags with a chipper, “This broadcast sponsored by extra sturdy black trash bags the size of a Penske truck!”


So, today’s post is short, sweet, and to the point.


Know your stuff.

Know how much is enough.

Know when enough is enough.

Know how to stop collecting things.

Know the passage where Jesus tells the rich young man to sell all he has and come follow Him. Know how the young man reacts by walking away because Jesus has asked the world of him.

Know that you are that man every time you buy something that is only going to collect dust and take up prime real estate in your home and heart.

Know how to give generously.


How did the men react? They were kind and gracious. Yes, some of that belonged to them, but they could have been all bent out of shape for having to unload box after box, but they did what they had to do and they got it done and they were kind in the process.

31daysmovingGod, I know You. I also know You know me and you know my bent to sin in this area of collecting and keeping. It doesn’t excuse me, though. I know what that passage is all about where Jesus asked the young man to sell all he had and come follow Him and how the guy just couldn’t let it all go and was willing to turn away from Jesus in order to keep His stuff. It never meant a thing to me. I thought I was way better than that guy. After all, I follow You, but I confess. I am that young man. Although not rich by some standards, but belonging among the richest by the poorest soul’s standards on this earth, I have been blessed with much. Most has been by my own doing as I began collecting or decorating or shifting with the pressure to be stylish of dress or home.  Yesterday, my sin pulled up in our driveway in a Penske truck and it broke my heart to the point I couldn’t speak. I was mad. I was embarrassed. I was sad. To see my men out there unloading a bunch of stuff that was stuff I didn’t think a thing about at the time of purchase because I had some purpose, need, or inclination for it and a place to put it. Well, not so, in this house. It’s all pretty much out in the open here and it saddens me. So, I continue to parse it all again… for the third time in order to make our nest a pleasant place for us. So, here I am again, confessing that I have bought into the economic culture of my day. I ask You to help me break the chains that strap me down to stuff. I ask for Your forgiveness. Amen.



  1. Amy, you are being too hard on yourself. I think we all have entirely too much stuff. And if you haven’t moved in a while it just accumulates. 🙂 From following your blog…it seems like you had a huge house and that house needed to be filled up with nice things. No shame in that! Love you, girl! <3

    • Dagmar, you bless me today with your response. I did have lots of pretty things and lots of hidden things…those memories in tangible form that ended up filling closets. Now, we are getting to choose what is most important to us and enjoying using those things in a new place. Thanks for leaving a comment today!

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