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I am taking a break from the 1 Thessalonians topic today.

Today we visit two kitchens (ours here and Robert’s at college). I have two “bullet-style” stories from the Ward kitchens.

First, a recipe for disaster. I will start with Robert’s kitchen:

  • Always add water to instant oatmeal before heating in the microwave.
  • Things such as oatmeal can burn in a microwave.
  • When something like oatmeal, sans water, burns in a microwave it takes on the appearance of a lump of coal.
  • Hot lumps of coal produce smoke.
  • Smoke gets in your eyes.
  • Even simple things such as instant oatmeal can have ways of complicating a morning.

Bear in mind that Robert has mastered the art of chicken and dumplings, stewed apples, spaghetti, poppy seed chicken, grilled steak/chicken, baked potatoes, and rice among a few other things. Poor guy. Just so glad that the fire department was not needed to put out Robert’s oatmeal.

Now onto mine:

  • Amish Friendship Bread is good.
  • It comes from a friend with the starter that you keep on your counter to mush, to feed, and with which to bake.
  • Said starter sitting on the counter minding its own business can gross out a grown man.
  • After mushing and feeding for 10 days and baking one big loaf and three small ones, it is virtually impossible to find three friends who will take the multiplied starter off your hands along with a complimentary sample loaf!
  • Throwing away starter is difficult for some people.

Excitedly, a friend of mine and I are going to a local grocery store for a “Cooking with Julia” class this evening. I am so excited! My poor friend (who will be receiving a bag of starter along with a sample loaf, shhhhhh) has no idea how much more attentive I will be in this class than one of David’s sporting events. I will be focused as I learn some new skills and enjoy a few samples of French cuisine. Oui! Bon appetit!


  1. Now what is she suppose to do with all that bread???…poor friend indeed…j/k. I won’t tell her ;O)

    I’m sure you’ll have fun and come home with more fabulous recipes to share with everyone! Bon Appetit!!!

  2. Classic. Thanks, Mon!

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