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Highlands crosses and flowers“The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever.” – Isaiah 40:8

I’m often reminded of how my body is not made to last. This curse of sin on humanity has robbed us of perfect health.

That only leads me to remember the gift of God in Jesus Christ who came so I can have eternal life, abundant life, forever, in a new and glorified body that will last. A challenge for me though is this: my eternity with Him began when I answered His call on my life. Part of my eternity (a blip on the radar) is spent in this here and now body that won’t last while I await His return. At that point my body is changed in the twinkling of an eye. I will last forever with God, with the Word made flesh, with the Holy Spirit.

No more sickness of body, no more sickness of mind, no more trappings of this life. In the meantime, my need for Him increases as more and more I realize the temporariness of things here. Why do I fret so? Why do I do others’ bidding to please them? Why am I afraid to say, “No,” to those who push their agendas on me?  Why do I stay attached to the group from which God bids me release?

Focusing on Him during those temporary times of routines, schedules, expectations, sickness, depression, anxiety, fears, worries, and even happy blessings that still can stress, allow us to remember that the One who created us is forever. There’s never been a time when He wasn’t or won’t be. He is. “I Am, ” He says.

Let us focus on the lasting One Who created us.

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  1. Oh Amy. Girl, you know this one is going to hit home for me this week! I’m so grateful for those two things – that His Word stands forever, and that this body is only temporary! Thank you for this gracious reminder to keep the focus on Him during the challenging transitory times. It’s an everyday calling – this turning to Him. I love how you’ve phrased it. Blessings to you friend!

    • Rebekah,
      Your name came to mind when I was writing this morning based on your post this week on the frailty of our bodies. My soul has suffered this week…just a smidgen of the blues. But, like you, I’m turning to Him. Hugs!

  2. first of all I am very tempted to include a shot of my black eye susans. They are insane at full bloom in my yard. Back to FMF. I too struggle with do others bidding just because I think it is what they want….I go through spells with this obnoxious trait. And it is isn’t everyone just a few select people. great write and hugs! FMF FRIEND

    • I wish I could see your BESusans! And, I think in the dictionary next to people pleaser, my picture is right there. Yep. : ) Welcome to the club! I’m praying you and I can please Him above pleasing man for whatever our good intentions are, they are compromising us. Let’s let it go. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Thanks so much for the words of wisdom and encouragement today. I needed to reminded to keep my eye on the eternal and focus on the prize.

    • Hey Susan! I’m right there with you. Like those flowers, let’s keep our eyes on the cross and the Redeemer’s recovering what is rightfully ours.

  4. Thank you for your quiet and gentle encouragement here- and can I just tell you how much I resonate with the need to hold on to things that last, while still grasping for all things temporary? Love your post, Amy.

    • Hi Lori! We are stuck in this here and now life waiting for our there and then. I struggle so much with remembering that lately. I want to please Him ultimately, while honoring my neighbor here. I seem to get that way out of whack lately. : ) Let’s hold on tight to Him and keep our focus on Him in all we do…doing all He asks of us for Him.

  5. Oh yes, Amy. Your words pierce through my darkest year, yet. So many loved ones called home and ill all the while new babies born and blessings overflowing through them. My emotional roller coaster life is only sane by anchoring myself to the Rock, the One that is the same yesterday, today and forever and in whom I breathe. All of life is temporary. Thank you for refocusing me on the hope of life eternal in Him who Is and Was and Is To Come! Amen.

    • Sweet Dawn,
      I so understand your emotional roller coaster. Seems like we’re on the same ride. Are you in front? Are you the one I see riding with her arms bravely held high in the adventure? I’m so glad you stopped by and left a comment, for your words have encouraged me today. Hugs from Georgia!

  6. Very well said, bless you.

    • Denise,
      Thank you! Blessings to you as well.

  7. I’m reminded of this very thing so often. I battle infertility and fibromyalgia and I have to daily remind myself that my body was not an accident, God wasn’t on vacation the month I was born. 🙂 I am so longing for the day when I see Him face to face!

    • Hi Amanda,
      You’re a courageous young woman. Thank you for sharing what your daily battle in the body and soul is like. Your reminders are applicable to us all and I so appreciate having read them here today.

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