Life in Limbo

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Some call this stage of life I’m in the “sandwich” generation as we still have children at home but are living through our parents changes as they age and all the stuff that comes with that. I’m kind of stuck in the middle.

Perhaps you could call it the limbo season even though I’m busy, busy as wife, mother, teacher, etc.

If you’ve been reading the blog all along then you know that I adopted a new habit of walking back in May. If you know me well, then you also know that this new habit to adopt was nothing short of a miracle. As a matter of fact, that habit sprang out of a renewed commitment to Christ after He healed me in an area of my life in which I had been struggling forever as an adult. I occasionally am attacked by the enemy in this area still but am not nearly as defeated by it anymore, so far…Don’t get me wrong, he still does a number on me from time to time.

Back in November I began to notice soreness in my heel upon waking in the mornings. Getting out of bed became painful. After speaking with my physician about it, he diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis, which basically means my calf muscle in my right leg is tight and I need to stretch it really well before getting out of bed. It can go away eventually and might reoccur. It is an overuse injury.

Yes, an overuse injury. What? From May to November walking six days out of seven on the asphalt in my neighborhood has done some problems. I continued walking after Thanksgiving but as December came into view and the pain was worse, I quit walking for exercise except for a couple of times. Wearing 3-inch heels is more comfortable than flats. I need high-heeled tennis shoes, I’ve decided. LOL!

I have walked a couple of times recently thinking I was cured as I stepped out only to realize 30 minutes after the walk and continuing for 24 more hours at least, that I want to die from the pain. It takes my breath, makes me want to use a walker, etc. I feel like I’m in physical limbo, too and not just a stage of my life. I began a good thing and can’t finish it because of this. It’s really messing with me and I am not happy about it.

So, I’m in limbo until I am healed.

Maybe “limpo” is a better word. Ha.

In addition, now the lack of exercise has started to mess with my seratonin and my endorphines. I am more melancholy than usual. Another benefit of the walking was for my mental health as well. So, not only is my calf muscle connected to my foot fascia, it’s obviously connected to my brain, too. Can’t you hear that old song? The foot bone’s connected to the…..everything.

In the meantime, I’ve noticed some ladies in the Thursday morning Bible study who are like the incredible shrinking women and not because of effects of osteoporosis. Nope. It’s because they’ve been regularly going to work out at the St. Francis Wellness Center. When I first asked one of them about it she told me it was for senior citizens. Let me tell you, I’ve not yearned for the days of classifying myself as a “senior citizen” until I realized what a fantastic program she was involved in. Because of my age, I didn’t qualify for the program.

Limbo. I’m not old enough.

Until today.

One of the ladies came into Bible study this morning and said they are going to begin allowing those under the age of 55 into the program! Great jumping Jehoshaphat! Throw the walker down and dance on the table! Honestly, that news brought so much hope to me I didn’t want to finish Bible study because I was so excited about the prospect of hope on the horizon. I see healing!

Limbo…NO MO’!

After lunch with Rob I went immediately to the facility and met with the man who began this program a year ago. He took some time, asked me a few questions about myself and of course, I shared with him my ailment and what it’s done to my head as well as my foot and he is confident he can help me with proper stretching and exercise. Hallelujah! I think I understand why those who are more wise and have gray hair to go with their years are more free to share their ailments. Time is of the essence and frankly, they’re tired of being sick and tired. Like so many in that season (not all do this) I just cut to the chase with the guy and went straight for the news I wanted to share, “I hurt. Can you help me feel better so I can live longer?”

Now, it’s up to me to show up, be consistent and wait on God’s goodness to restore me in an environment of help and compassion. Before you know it, I’ll be skipping along.

All it takes is listening to opportunities and asking for a little help so you can carry on! It will also take burying my pride as these people (many of them senior citizens) run circles around me. This will be good for me in many, many ways.

For me, it takes much motivation and encouragement, too. I covet your prayers, as always! I want to finish the race well.



  1. You got my prayers. It sounds great to me. I bet it is a blast…Enjoy!! and be healed.

  2. I have had plantar fascitatis(sp) before too! I will never forget Matthew’s 3rd b/d party. Iwas on my feet all day getting ready and for the next two days I could barely walk. Mine has healed,mostly, but I do try to stretch most mornings before getting out of bed! I will be praying for you sista!
    Love you!

  3. I am praying for you! I know how frustrating things like this can be. Last fall, I thought I was going to die from my back pain from osteoarthritis. It’s so frustrating to want to exercise and not be able to.

    I really love your blog! Thank you for writing it! You are such a blessing to me! 🙂 Have you thought about finding a good beginner’s Yoga class?

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