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I am camping out at Panera this morning for a little blog inspiration, a change of scenery, a reason to get out of doing chores at home, and wanting a little comforting diversion before I head to the dentist in a bit for having some protective somethings put at the top of three teeth that have separated from the gums a bit (OUCH!).

I wait for a friend.

The talk around the room this morning is among men.  I am in the midst of one of the three areas of our local Panera where it seems the men have decided to hang out and visit.  It reminds me of what it might have been like when the men hung around at the country store in the morning to catch up on farming tips, hunting stories, and a break from the family back at home.

Here, this morning, a group of friends are catching up on the condition of our local real estate market.  It’s hard to not go up to them and encourage these men to spread the word that our house is still for sale and that it is awesome!  But, I am a bit biased toward it.  The same group has told a funny joke which would be inappropriate to share here.  As some leave for jobs and home, others come in to fill their chairs in “shifts” as they are calling it.  The joke gets told again as each friend comes in for their allotted time.  I think I have heard it four times already.  (Giggle.)

A two-seater table has two friends draped over it looking at the latest apps on their cell phones.  I think these two are in their 60s.  They have loaves of bread bagged to take back home to “the wives”.  They make one last trek to the coffee urns for a refill to go before they step out into our rather humid and overcast morning.

There is a solo man, earplugs pushed in, as he is typing away (like I am) on his laptop.

I am rather intrigued by this waiting time because I am entertained and thoroughly enjoying the wait.

There have been other times I have not relished the wait.  Right now, I’m not enjoying the wait on our house selling.  It has caused Rob and me to vascillate between wondering if we are doing the right thing or if we are not.  We started out with the first.  We take into consideration the economy and know that God is way bigger than the economy and statistics and trends.

I shared in a class yesterday morning that it was easier to trust God with my cancer than it has been with the house.

So, today’s post is a request for you to pray for us, for our house, for God’s plan, and for clarity in the midst of it all.  Thank you!

It is a privilege to pray for others, to take them and their concerns before our Father.
Opportunity for Response:
How may I pray for you?  Please leave your response in the comments below.  Thank you.


  1. Pray for my brother-in-law, Eddie Bowman. He has 7 of 35 radiation treatments left for throat cancer and is not very comfortable right now. He has been unable to completely give up his smoking and even though it is only a puff or two a day, it’s still too much per Dr. Cabelka. May he feel God’s love and peace as he goes through the weeks to come. Pray for my sister and their son as they go through with with him. Thank you and I love and appreciate you so much. Judy

  2. Thank you Judy. I am praying for Eddie.

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