Living on Low Power

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As I type this, my computer has 5% battery power left and I am typing as fast as I can to beat it…just because I don’t want to get up from my comfy chair to plug in my computer.

It’s kind of the same thing that happens when my car signals that I am low on fuel.  In my mind, I know I have about 40 more miles to go and then I’m in big trouble.

Risky behavior?  Not compared to many who do live with riskier behavior than mine in these two examples.

But, it does have a spiritual element to it.

How often am I living in a risky way when I choose to not plug into God and His Word or I neglect to plug in my power source through prayer?

I get busy, lazy, comfortable. (4% now).  I become a risky simpleton knowing what I am drawn to do but choosing what my flesh would rather do…

(I am now running on reserve battery power…3%).

I’ve only typed for three minutes, and I’m about to crash!

And so, I’ll keep typing just to see how much farther I can go in my own strength and power before my computer’s empty battery wins out and I will be disconnected from you.

Choosing to abandon God’s Word, prayer, and even going to church (fellowshipping with other believers) is a way to quickly become disconnected from God.  Sure, the relationship is there but it’s stagnant because of my laziness and lack of making Him a priority.

So, like I’m about to do now (get up and plug in my laptop), I am reminded that I need to get up out of my laziness when it sets in and I let it keep me from time with Him, and just plug in.

Plug into His Word.
Plug into prayer.
Plug into fellowship with other believers.


Have you become disconnected from God?  Choose today to reconnect with Him. 

Opportunity for Response:

What has gotten in the way of you connecting with the Highest Power, God?  (1%)  bye!

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