Measuring Up Brings Me Down

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“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might.”
(Ephesians 6:10 ESV)

I can tell by the statistics checker for the blog that this week’s posts have been rather boring to those who have access to it.  Most read the title through their connection on Facebook and didn’t proceed further.  That’s okay.  I understand.  I was rather bored when I wrote them.  I went so far as to not even write on Wednesday.  What seemed like a great idea last week for this week seemed to become a mediocre idea as I wrote for Monday and finally landed in a weak thud on the study floor at the end of this week.

I just now laid down on the floor with the poor idea…and Beans.  The dog and I just stared at the little idea and watched it curl up in the fetal position and sigh its last sigh which sounded an awful lot like my computer trash being wadded up and tossed into my computer’s trashcan.  Crinkle.  Crinkle.  Whoosh.  Slam.

Today, I decided to take Michael Hyatt’s idea for writer’s block and write about something personal.

I am 47 years old.  I feel like life is flying at warp speed and I just cannot keep up with it at times.  Some days, I seem to do good with managing the different responsibilities.  Other days, I feel like a total failure.

I think I have fallen into a trap that so many of us fall into believing.  

It’s the trap of “I must succeed”.  At its root is the belief that I don’t please God when I don’t measure up to the standard I have set or have accepted from others as the right standard.  Attempting something is not going to cut it.  Succeeding is the point.  Win this game.  Write the best post.  Teach the best lesson.  Cook the best meal.  Weigh the best weight.  Walk the required number of steps each day.  Follow the plan.  Say the right words.

Sadly, this is not a new issue at all.  I have blogged about it before on the other place I blogged before updating (to be better) and getting a domain name (better advice I was following).  That post was specifically about not measuring up appearance-wise.  Click on the underlined words up there if you want to go and read it.  Then, come back.

Am I talking to myself today?

Even in the opening paragraph up there, I was doing it…checking the statistics for the week on the blog.  I might as well open up a pandora’s box of flying measuring tapes attacking me.

Guess where they attack?  My mind.

That’s where they attack you too, isn’t it?

When this happens, what’s a girl to do?

Maybe we should make this our plan of attack:

These accusing, condemning thoughts that come my way are so brutal.  I, like you perhaps, need to not let the enemy’s false and mocking accusations (he is the accuser of the brethren, remember) put me into a panic mode that cripples me and disables me to be productive for a period of time in an area where I know full well God has called me.

Because when I do give him that toe-hold, he slips into my head and massages my mind with horrible thoughts of myself that take me from…
          to hopeless
        engaged in ministry 
             to disengaged and withdrawn
           joyfully excited 
                to fearfully flat

I was reminded in Bible study yesterday that when Satan came to Jesus in the desert, he twisted the truth of God.  I see that when things like this happen to me personally, too.  Satan is trying to cause me to question God right along with him.  In this biblical scene, though, is something far more critical to us who battle with this.  And that is the method that Jesus used to combat His enemy and ours – He spoke the truth of God into the midst of the situation.

Rather than crumble and cave, I can stand strong in the power of my Savior and the truth of His Word.


If you struggle with this same issue, cling to the truths found in the Bible.  Find them as though you are mining for gold and hold them as a valuable treasure in your heart.  Know them in your mind, but believe them with all your heart.  Click on the link below and listen to Mandisa sing a song.  This one ministers to me when I am battling this issue.  I hope it ministers to you, too.

Opportunity for Response:

If you have ever experienced this, what verse speaks truth to you at such a time.  Please leave a comment below.  Thanks.



    1. Isaiah 41:9 – 10 “You are my servant; I have chose you and have not rejected you. So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

      The Message version says, “You are handpicked!” And “Don’t panic!”

      You are such a beautiful and gifted writer. DO NOT ALLOW THE ENEMY TO STEAL YOUR JOY IN LIVING OUT YOUR CALLING. We walk together, my friend. Together.

    2. Love this authentic post power-packed with God’s truth. It is so easy to get side-tracked from God’s best by insecurity and doubt. Instead, I don’t worry about results; I worry about whether I’m being faithful.

    3. Kelli,

      We covered this verse in Bible study this week and it encouraged me so much. God obviously wants me to read it and reread it again.

      Thanks for your reminders!

      It’s nice to have walking buddies!

    4. Shannon,

      Being faithful to Him…I needed to hear that. Thank you for sharing that.

    5. In the interest of “not whining” I think we tend to keep our struggles inside, but time IS flying by at warp speed, and the world’s demands are exhausting for many (if not most) of us. The only way to keep from succumbing to the enemy’s suggestion that we can’t possibly keep up is to walk arm-in-arm with Jesus – to “dwell in the shelter of the Most High.” (Psalm 91) Thank you for reminding us, Amy. Maybe more of us didn’t read your blog last week only because we were all overwhelmed by our own busyness! Don’t stop writing. You are an encouragement because of your openness! It helps us to “walk together,” just like Kelli said, keeping us connected. The written word, especially when combined with THE WORD, is powerful! Blessings!

    6. Hi Kris,

      Thank you for sending the encouragement along to keep writing. I had not contemplated not doing so, but you know how it is….I do have to stop and reevaluate my motive for it for ministry to encourage other believers or is it for my own edification. I hope I fall into the first category. Sometimes, a way to know if the posts are being read is to look at those statistics to see what has resonated with others more….It seems that some bomb before the title gets read. : )

      I only want to write those things that God lays on my heart, even the tools for how to study the Bible or where to look online for practical help and and encouragement.

      You are sweet to take the time to comment today and to give Psalm 91 a shout out. It’s so good!


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