Mentoring Yourself? A Note to Self

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“Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28  (NASB95)

Hi self.  You are doing well, better than you’ve been doing in a long time.  Your health is good, except for that productive cough.  You might want to keep an eye on that, Sweetie.

Listen, I know you’ve been getting back into a new groove and the other day I was looking at your calendar over your shoulder and had a little alarm bell go off.  I think you noticed it, too.  On your car ride back from the mountains with Rob…remember?  The day it was so rainy?  Anyway, I saw you typing in EverNote and well, you being the you that you are, you were typing up a schedule to kind of help you get your ducks in a row.

It was a schedule that someone might write up who had some things going on and didn’t want anything to get lost in the cracks.

But here is when I think you and I really got on the same page.  You wrote this.

“I think I have over-committed myself this fall.”

Oh girl…

A couple of months ago you were sad, restless, and wondering what was in store and you had a great heart to heart alone with God and you cried out to Him, “What am I supposed to do now?  I’m well.  Well, where am I supposed to plug in for You?”  You even told me you felt as if you were on the brink of something good but just wasn’t sure what it was and what you were supposed to do and you sensed God saying, “Just jump Amy.  I’ve got you.  Just jump.”

And you did!

You are a busy girl after a year and a half of rest.  You have jumped in with both feet, all your heart, and most of your mind.  You just told a friend last Friday that you were excited about all that is going on in life in this new season.  You told her you felt God’s Presence, His direction, and His provision as you were taking on some of the same things you did before but with a fresh sense of purpose and calling.  You feel renewed!

Rejoice in that!

Embrace this new chance at life and ministry.  Guard your time, learn to budget it so you don’t pour yourself out where you aren’t called, but learn to simplify and try not to manage and control everything that God has called you to so that you drive yourself crazy…and your man, too.  Let God do the work of directing you. 

He’s the one that you need to watch to know if you’re budgeting it all alright.  Don’t try so hard to get it all done perfectly.  Let go.  Ask for help.  Be flexible.  Relax.

Remember, God’s got you.

He’s called you to do these things for Him and He will equip you to do them. 

Remember that you are going to be a bit more tired.  You have gone from rest to rejuvenated quickly and it would take anyone time to get back in a routine, to find a balance, don’t you know?  It’s okay.  You may forget a few things, slack off on things you used to fuss over way too much.  It’s okay.  You’re discovering new things and reentering life.  Give yourself some time to adjust.  It’s all going to be fine.

God’s taught you many things while you were resting.  Now, it’s time to move those things from your mind to your actions.

When you feel tired.  Stop and rest.
When you feel overwhelmed.  Tell Him.  Ask Him to show you where you are stepping out of faith rather than walking in faith.  You know?
Remember to get your exercise, drink your water, eat nutritiously, rest.
Remember to get most of your work for home and others done before Rob gets home from work so you can spend time with him.
Enjoy the cooler temps these next couple of days in the mornings.
Take a deep breath like “Beans” (the dog) does.  Breathe in and let it out.
Stop what you’re doing and take a time out with Jesus.  Talk to Him right then.

You’re well.  You’re healed in Jesus’ name.

Now, put the computer away.  Open the door and sit in the rocking chair.  I love you.

How many times do you chide yourself?  How about trying a little kind talking from time to time.  Sometimes, I know what I need to do but I just don’t stop long enough to listen.  What about you?

Opportunity for Response:
If you could encourage yourself in one way today, what would you say?

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  1. Many wise things in this post. Probably the most difficult job – at least for me – is to like myself. And the self-discipline required to take good care of myself and my health… o-o…
    I’ve been in deep, too. Or should I say aside, resting. Or something. Praying that your comeback will go smoothly and the most important fact is always clearly in your heart: God is there, He is faithful and He has everything under control 🙂

  2. Eija,
    Thank you for the prayers and your feedback. Come back again.

  3. Welcome to SDG! I’m so glad you linked up. I needed your letter to self. I’ve started on a new direction in life and I feel really overwhelmed. I constantly say to myself “You shouldn’t be tired…” instead of just doing something about it and RESTING.

    This hit me the most: You’re discovering new things. Give yourself some time to adjust. It’s all going to be fine.


  4. Oh, Amy, I so needed to hear this. Thank you for being vulnerable!

  5. Jen and Kelli,

    So often I have a tendency to leave myself “hate mail”. You know? So, when I had this conversation with myself that day, it was worth taking it down to come back to from time to time when I venture down the path of pessimism.

    Thank you for stopping in.

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