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I have been thinking about the impact of computer-driven media on my own life and I have found that it has its blessings and its cursors (oops, curses).

Curses first.

  • Wasting time surfing the net
  • Stopping in on Facebook and Pinterest too many times in a day and losing track of time
  • Shopping online and finding books, especially, that I somehow can justify as a need
  • So, that can also be a curse of wasting money along with time
  • The amount of trash I have accidentally stumbled upon while surfing the net
  • Forwarded emails that have pressure to forward to any number of others in order to receive a blessing of gigantic proportions in ten seconds.  Please don’t forward those to me.  I delete them.
  • Spam email and spam that tries to look like a legit commenter on a blog post

Now the blessings.

  • Access to sound biblical teaching in the form of podcasts, videos, and writings
  • Finding free Bible study tools that aid me and those in Bible studies to do word studies and research the context of passages through various commentaries.  It’s still not as thorough as I wish, but it’s free.
  • Gaining new recipes for my cooking repertoire
  • Receiving encouragement from others when prayer is needed via email, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Video chatting with my children
  • Having a way to reach others through the blog
  • Connecting with my church through their website
  • Listening to  music before I buy it, so I know if I want the whole album or just a song from it

My plan over the next few days is to highlight a few recent connections I’ve made on the internet that have ministered to me and I hope they will minister to you, too.  Stay tuned.

Some of you reading this remember a time when the thought of such a thing as a personal computer or having access to information all over the world at a push of a button was unfathomable.  Others of you don’t know of a time when a computer was not present in your home.  Both ends of the spectrum have much to offer to each other in the way of sharing of simpler times as well as benefits of devices that help us stay connected in a new way.

Opportunity for Response:
What are your own personal blessings and curses of having a computer?  Please leave a comment.  Thanks.


  1. Reading your blog is a blessing!

  2. Awwww, that is kind of you to say! Thank you.

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