Miracle Moment

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Last week was a roller coaster week.  Monday’s visit to the doctor was tough as the reality and what ifs were mingling.  During a moment of blood being drawn and sealed in the vial the lab tech left the room and I was alone with just one other tech.  I could feel the tears of overwhelmation begin to form and I asked the tech softly, “Do you pray to Jesus?”  No answer.  I asked again.  Slowly, she turned to look at me as if questioning whether I was speaking to her or not.  “Yes,” I said, “I’m talking to you.  Do you pray to Jesus?”  “Why of course!” was her response.  I asked her to come over to the box containing the vial of my blood and pray over it with me…for these tests to come back negative.  She grabbed me in a sister in Christ embrace and began to PRAY and pray hard! 

I was so thankful for her presence and her prayer. 

Then, on the day before my first chemo appointment, I received a call from our insurance company saying they would not be paying for the treatments due to one of the prescribed drugs.  It’s a long story and I won’t bore you with the details and I don’t want to come across negative.  The focus of this story is on God. Okay?

Anyway, after praying, staying on the phone back and forth (both Rob and I with people who seemed to have my treatment process hanging in the balance), fighting fleshly anger and praying more, I went to bed at the end of the day not knowing if I would start chemo the next day as planned or not.  I made sure at some point during that day that my chemo appointment was not canceled.  I was determined God would see to this starting or else He was not in agreement with the form of treatment.  But, I was determined that the enemy would not be victorious over my start-up nor my meds.  Gosh, I wish I could kick him in the booty right now! I truly felt that this route was not only prescribed by my doctor but God.

I went to Bible study and told the ladies the situation.  Rob would pick me up early to take me to chemo.  I was waiting for a phone call and kept it with me while I taught (not kosher but understandable).  When it was time for Rob to pick me up, I left after the group prayed for me and went to the door to find my husband was not waiting for me.  I called and he said it had not been worked out yet and that he would get me when the dvd portion of the study ended in an hour.

I went back in the room and the ladies were surprised to find I was still there.  Some were angry, some were organizing a fundraiser to pay for the treatment, others suggested we sell our house to pay for it and just start the thing whether insurance would cooperate or not, some wanted me to try MD Anderson…it was sweet, their expression of care and concern.

The dvd began and I sat in the back and began praying through Psalm 40 and Isaiah 25.  Ultimately, I told God that His name was at stake and what a great time to show His faithfulness and timing to this group of women.  Ten minutes before Rob was to get me my phone rang (unidentifiable number) so I left the room and spoke with the insurance nurse case worker who said that they had reached an agreement with my doctor.  The insurance would not pay for one of the chemos, but the doctor had found a source and supply.  She was proud of her “help” in solving this for me.  (Negative thoughts removed here).

I was dumbfounded.  I responded and told her, “You did not solve this.  My God solved this.  I have been praying for the last hour through Scripture and God has moved in a mighty way.  Thank you for calling.”  I walked back into the Bible study room and smiled as I told the ladies God had made a way!

Rob came and we went to get my chemo…not at the original time, but at the right time as God desired.  And as it all began we prayed over it all and their potential effects and praised God for making a way.

God is at work, never doubt it!


  1. God reveals himself to us and to others throughout all situations! AMEN! \0/ Thank you Lord!

    Love you!

  2. Amy, I love that you look for every opportunity to praise God, seek His face and see how He moves through every thread of our lives. He moves in His own time and in His own way, so many miss the passing of His fingers through the threads of our lives. Stay open my new friend, and many will see Him as you touch lives with this new “ministry”!

  3. Praise God for His faithfulness!!
    I love that you told the lady on the phone that she did not do this but YOur God did!!
    Yes He did!!
    Amazing and Awesome is He!!
    Much love

  4. Thank you for sharing the details of God’s provisions…as we continue to pray along on the journey. It’s encouraging (to see evidence of His handiwork) and challenging (to watch for evidence of His handiwork).

    Love you dearly, Sister!

  5. Amy I remember feeling God’s presence when this happened to Luicus more than once. God was, is, and always will be Sovereign.
    Peace and Love.

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