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Most often, these posts are based on what God has been teaching me.  Today’s is no different.  It’s a tough lesson in God’s school.  Our mouths can get us in some serious trouble.

I had a conversation with a friend recently and I listened as she recounted events between her and a new acquaintance recently.  Their conversations were revolving around a business deal and there were some tense moments between them.

Have you ever been in a tense situation where you want respect and fairness, yet you feel you might be on the receiving end of someone’s high expectations and often, not so fair demands?  It can be very frustrating and a sure test of your reputation, especially if you profess to be a Christian, as you ponder what you’d really like to say in those moments.

As my friend and I continued the conversation we discussed several Scripture references that made us somewhat embarrassed over what we would love to say in those tense situations vs. what the Word has to say about our words and behavior in those moments (that can quickly add up to hours and days of frustration, anger, and bitterness).

After a pause and our own realization of the times we have not been kind to others in thought, word, or deed, we remembered a verse in the Bible that says,

“If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”  

It says it plain as day in the NIV translation of Romans 12:18.

God, the next time I want to get my two cents in during a tough situation with another person, and my thoughts begin to pile up words to slam my neighbor, please just set a guard over my mouth (Ps. 141:3).  Help me to be an example of grace under pressure.  Help me to remember that in Your eyes, everyone is my neighbor, not just those who believe as I do or think and speak like I do.  I’ll be honest God, this is such a challenge.  I know that if I am attentive to Your Spirit within me, I’ll pick up on his lead to obey You in this.  I know it will take practice.  Please forgive me when I have responded in an unkind way with impure motives by my thoughts, words, and deeds.  Help me to use my words to edify others (Ephesians 4:29).  Amen.

(Click on that link and you’ll see some other verses that cross-reference what comes out of our mouths.  Mary Kassian has a fabulous study on this very topic entitled, Conversation Peace.  I think I need to get my copy out and study it all over again.)

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  1. (not to be confused with offers audio and video downloads for each session of Conversation Peace – very affordable for those who do this study alone or with a buddy! Mary Kassian, author, is Canadian. You’ll love her and her accent!

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