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As I sit here in my study today, Beans is snoring at my feet.  Rain is coming down again as another storm front that began in Texas is making its way through Georgia.  The “For Sale” sign sits in the front yard and I keep expecting someone to just show up and make an offer, full asking price of course!

It is in times like this that I contemplate my address.  Will this one remain our address?  Will God orchestrate circumstances so we stay or so that someone will come along and fall in love with this place as we did 11 years ago?

Houses we have looked at and seriously contemplated have either sold, been rented, or been removed from the market.

During all this “what to do” time, we have experienced a variety of “addresses”.  Follow me, if you will to a few of them.

Obedience Lane – We started this house-selling journey there.  With circumstances as they were and our need for one less room and one less bathroom, we realized it was good and right to list our house.  We felt called by God to list it.

{“We are obeying God willingly and gladly!”}

Confidence Circle – We were sure the first person who came to look would be the next owner.  (Every house we’ve lived in during our marriage has sold rapidly!)

{“This is sure to sell quickly.  All our friends like this house.  Some have wanted it for their own.”}
Alas, we ended up at…

Disappointment Drive – right off Confidence Circle, but we didn’t stay there long, because our house is awesome (we think so at least) and we were confident (again) that the next potential buyer would be the one!

{“Oh well.  They weren’t the right people for this house.  I wonder who is, though.  Hmmm….”}

We’ve been around and around touring the last two addresses a. l. o. t.!

And now, we are at…

Anger Alley – some neighbors who are moving on up have reduced their price tremendously so they can head ’em up and move ’em out and I, quite frankly, want to pinch them.  Because of their reduction, it influences our price and that of our other neighbors.  So, we are now at a literal crossroads.

{“Hello neighbors.  We are not going to smile at you when we see you in your yard.  You have disturbed our peace by lowering your price.  How dare you!”}

Confusion Court – Welcome to this address.  It’s gnarly and gloomy here.  You have to look in all the possible directions all at the same time.  Here is the place where I listen to others in the know and wonder if they or I really know anything.  Because of this address, we are doing donuts wondering if we sit and pull the listing or do we drop our price to be more in line with our neighbors who want a bigger house?

{“Do we stay or do we go?  Do we lower or hold steady?  Did we do the right thing?”}

Recession Roundabout – “Look kids!  It’s Big Ben!”  (I’m quoting one of Chevy Chase’s lines from European Vacation as he can’t maneuver off of the roundabout for an entire day of sightseeing and he keeps driving in the same circle and seeing the same sight.)  There is a tiny roundabout not far from our home. I’m thinking about driving to it and on it for 15 minutes laughing hysterically…over nothing.  For me, I keep hearing, “Look!  It’s a recession!”  Because of this recession, the housing market is depressed and the promises of how BRAC was going to turn things around for our local economy have not come to pass.  (Oops, I may end up at Anger Alley again if I’m not careful to guard my heart….where are those neighbors!  Pinch!  Ugh!)

{“Recession, shmession!  We need to be better stewards!  Save that tea bag and coffee grounds!  Carpool anyone?”}

Hope Freeway – I don’t want to live on a freeway, but I would like to just get on this one and stay on it until the house situation magically is resolved and I can give away and sell all that I need to in order to downsize and simplify.  Hope in God reigns at this address.  All is well, even the wondering and the questioning, because the ultimate knowledge that God is in control keeps the hope alive….hope in Him, not hope in a house.  You know?

{“Crank up the Envoy, turn on Mandisa, lower the windows and feel the breeze as we ease on down, ease on down the road.”}

So, in the midst of all these addresses, I have to ask God to be with me at all of them and remove me from some of them because I am prone to sin while in those places.

And so, I leave you with my final thought for today…my prayer in this moment.

{Lord, let our neighbors’ house sell soon.  They’ve been waiting almost a year.  We’ve only been waiting 8 months.  Even though we thought we were obeying You, was this our Isaac?  Was this a test to see if we were even willing to let go of something we have loved more than we should have?  Has this been a literal place of pride?  You healed me here.  Here is where I grew up in lots of ways.  I am willing to let it go and take Your better place for us.  Move Lord.  Move.  Thank You.  Amen.}

This was meant to be a somewhat humorous post revealing some of my humor and concerns during this house selling process.  If you know me, you know my inflection and know that I truly would not wish ill of my neighbors.

Opportunity for Response:
Contact our realtor and visit our home so it could be yours.  Just kidding….unless you are looking for a nice house.  Really though, what address do you find yourself at during a trial?  I would delight to hear back from you.  It would take my mind off our house.  Okay?  Thanks.


  1. Beautiful writing, Amy, and even more beautiful message! I was “moved” by all of this to think harder of where I truly am living. Love and prayers for you and Rob with your house selling venture. God Bless.
    Jane McCain

    • Jane,
      Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your comment and your prayers even more. Know that we are praying for you as well as you go through your grief over your mother.

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