My boys bless me!

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Tomorrow is a big day. Our youngest, David, begins his junior year of high school! I cannot believe it. Last year, he drove himself to school that day…without me…how could he do that? This year, it does not catch me off guard. I like the routine to the old schedule that school affords, but I do not like all the extra stuff…like homework, projects, deadlines, etc. that he will have to accomplish. As always, my prayer is that he will do this work for school as “unto the Lord rather than as for men”. And that includes me in that latter category. Let me just say that I can stew my boys to death to try to get them to do whatever well and then some. I metaphorically get out my measuring stick of worthiness and then measure what they’ve done by my standard, my way of doing something, my, my, my. WRONG! So, my prayer for me is that I would be a mom who knows just what to say at just the right time for my sons so they would do their best at school, not my best, but their best and do it to the glory of God even if they don’t like the assignment, the class, the teacher, whatever. I want to be an encourager not a nag! Ooh, I hope this does not come back to bite me.

Today was a big day for our oldest, Robert. His last day of interning at church for the summer was today and the pastor allowed him to do a “sermonette” (not sure about the spelling) in front of the congregation. It did my heart good to watch, listen, and learn from my first-born as he “brought it” and laid out the gospel in such a succinct way. I was about to burst with joy. We take him back to school next weekend and move him into the dorm for his second year. College scheduling these days is amazing. He has tweaked his schedule this week from his computer so many times I’m surprised it has not started smoking from the speed of his fingers over the keys to get just the right class at just the right time. Not a thing like when I was in college. First of all, I was lucky to have the portable electronic typewriter as my high-tech device. Heehee. Changing a class meant going to campus a day early to participate in “drop and add” lines and hoping someone dropped the class you needed at just the right time you happened to be in that line.

So, tomorrow I’ll take the official “first day of school” picture with David alone again. Bless his heart, he will let me to it, but he has already complained about the whole ordeal. And then a week from tomorrow, I will hope that Robert will take a picture of himself on his cell phone and send it to me for posterity. He did that last year.

My boys bless me by being my boys. Just this morning Robert got up early and made the coffee. It was wonderful and such a treat to not have to do it myself. I guess you could say it was a “he brew”. Last Thursday, David noticed I had on make-up in a new way and complimented it. That’s actually a funny story and I will have to save it for another time.

I would be remiss if I neglected to let you in on the other “boy” who blesses me. Rob, my husband, is the love of my life and has shown me over and over what God’s unconditional love looks like because that is just what he expresses towards me. Another way he blesses me is with his sense of humor. Laughter is alive and well in our home and I attribute that to Rob.

Hebrews begins this week! Yippee!

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