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With time on my hands due to the empty nest and not teaching Bible study this coming year, I have had time to read.  Granted my concentration and eyesight are not quite up to my preferences, but I’m making do with the best I can offer.

Over the Labor Day weekend Rob and I headed for the hills and cooler weather and I had time to finish reading my latest endeavor, Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild.

This is a serious book by Mary Kassian that takes a serious look at the wild woman of Proverbs 7 and finds 20 points in her character that make her “wild”, then the author finds 20 counterpoints from Scripture that would contrast her with a WISE woman.

Although the book relates most of the points to the way the wild woman goes about getting a man, it offers some excellent food for thought for married and single women of all ages as we go about life and relating to others, male and female, and how we relate to God.  At several times in my reading I would have to put the book down, take a prayer break for forgiveness and come back to it.

If I had daughters, I’d read it with them.  If I had sons who were trying to meet “Miss Right”, I’d read it and coerce them into reading it.  If I were a dad of daughters, I’d read it.  If I were a married man, I’d read it.

You get my point.

I think most anyone reading today’s post ought to pick up a copy and read it and consider passing it along to others.  The book has an accompanying website where quizzes and questions for each chapter can be found.

Is it a quick read?  no
Is it an easy read?  no
Is it backed up with Scripture?  absolutely
Is it worth the investment of your time to read it?  yes

I hope you will. 


  1. If you’d like a taste of what’s in the book (or your reading time is limited), Revive Our Hearts Radio had seven broadcasts in August 2010 on the book and featured Mary Kassian (you’ll love her Canadian accent). You can find these at and look under past programs for August 2010 or link here –

  2. I’ve ordered it. Thanks Amy
    Richard Illges

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